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My next EQ post is up at the Hooded Utilitarian. Please feel free to go make commentary over there. :) (Even if it's about Cutter's boneheadedness!)
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Elfquest post done, ready to go up on HU when Noah can slot it in.

Sora was no help whatsoever during the process of writing it, and shed all over my keyboard when trying to cuddle.
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...and have a few minutes today, the Hooded Utilitarian is your top ten favorite, best, or most significant comics of all time.

Deadline is, well, today. (I'm not submitting anything because I procrastinated on it, and now what with the house and the funeral it's just one more damn thing to do so I'm not doing it.)
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My next column at the Hooded Utilitarian is up! Today I look at Elfquest issue #5 and the novel. In which I blather on at length about the five-act structure and complain about a prologue. Plus a craft tip!


Feb. 14th, 2011 04:30 pm
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The Hooded Utilitarian has now moved to If you've got bookmarks to it, now the time to change 'em. (The old site redirects, but who knows how long that's going to stay in place.)
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This month's edition of the Giant Elfquest Re-read is now posted at the Hooded Utilitarian!

I recap issues #3 and 4 in an attempt to get through the first 20-issue arc in less than a year and a half, and ponder a wee bit on the anthropological and biological basis of Recognition and elven society.

Now, what to do next month? Issue #5 ends a mini-arc, and #6 starts a new one, so it would seem a bit odd to do both at once. Maybe I should reread the novel that encompasses issues 1-5 and bang on about it in addition to #5? That would certainly allow me to get to issue #7 in March, which is hilarious. :)

ETA: If you want to comment and avoid the problematic CAPTCHA, you can register with the site and avoid it completely. That will NOT get you on any mailing lists; it's just for the Wordpress install that HU runs on. You'll have to go to the Register link on the home page instead of the post page, as it causes Wordpress to throw a wobbler when accessed from the post page (not sure why, the TCJ admins need to look into that). Or you can just click here to get to the registration page.
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Right here! I squeeble a bit about my childhood experiences with Elfquest, and then recap and discuss issue #1.

And if you're skipping the posts on your f-list from the holidays, you really do want to go look at my Welcome to Texas post. Sometimes the stereotypes are true.


Nov. 28th, 2010 02:40 pm
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I need a name for my monthly column at the Hooded Utilitarian! As I have no real theme for it, that's not much help. I'm starting a re-read of Elfquest for the next few months, a la the Tor rereads/-watches of Lord of the Rings, Trek, and the like, if that helps.

(Just issue #1 for tomorrow's column, but I'll be doing 3 or so issues at a time for the next ones. All issues of EQ are online at, if you want to read along and join in!)

ETA: I wasn't quite clear above - the column will be doing more than just Elfquest, once the reread's over. For example, my first one was a love song to Sandra Pullman, the main character of New Tricks :D

ETA2: Right now I'm going with the boringish "Browsing the Stacks." I may change that later if I figure out something better.


Oct. 25th, 2010 10:00 am
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I am a new monthly columnist over at The Hooded Utilitarian. My first column just went up, in which I blather about New Tricks and how I love the main character, because I am still jet-lagged and couldn't come up with anything else to say. :)

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