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Opened the blinds for the window that looks out on the bird feeders and surprised a couple of white-wing doves and a rodent of some ilk rummaging about the ground through the sunflower seed shells. The doves were walking around the ground near to the rodent, so I am reasonably sure of its size--rather rat-like in size, and that generic brownish rodent-y color. I *think* its ears were rounded. Its tail was the odd bit--it was short. I did not get a good enough look to see if it was naked or hairy, but it was definitely short. My current theory is that it's a common rat with half a tail, but in case I don't know of things that look ratlike but have short tails, any guesses?

We do live near large fields, with construction happening and tearing up habitat, so field rodents could easily come up into this area.

I sort of hope this encourages the hawks.

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