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I'm currently in a "trying to improve my wardrobe and style" phase and realized that I could use Pinterest to figure it out by pinning outfits I liked and then looking at the overall impression to see if it coherent. Well, it is. Apparently I'm really, really, really neutral. And layered. With the occasional pop of color.

I also created an account at Polyvore, as it allows you to assemble different items in their database into outfits. I seem to be using lots of black there.
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One thing I have learned from reading Tim & Lorenzo's fashion-bitchery blog is the importance of proportion. So when I saw this thing from SWAK Design in the Ads folder in my inbox just now, I could point out why it made me cringe. Well, in addition to the butt-ugly pants:

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Muahahahah, the people on AskMetafilter know thier designer handbag knockoffs.
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I went upstairs to check out a book, and gathered three compliments on my outfit on the way up there, so I guess it's a hit?

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Fabulous fashion blog: Advanced Style. The blogger goes out and about and gets photos of older men and women with style and flair.
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The filter which is not a real filter! It's a warning ... those without interest, scroll on by!

I feel the need to point out that my grandparents recently sold their house and distributed some of the proceeds out to their children and grandchildren, and receiving my share spurred this spree.

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Does anyone out there know of a wrap cardigan like this one, only (a) less than $50 and (b) in size 22/24?

The important parts are:

(a) waist-length or shorter, because I'm looking for something like this to wear with dresses/long skirts, and as I am short, a longer one overwhelms me and make me look like a tent*

(b) has that wrap part that ties around the waist and defines the form, as a straight bolero, which I own, merely falls directly to my butt from my shoulders and contributes to that whole tent effect.

* I lived through the 80s, when that sort of thing was in style. I looked like a tent then, too.
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OK, it's not an actual filter, but if you're allergic to this sort of thing, you've gotten enough warning by now.

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