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I haven't been able to get the video to work, but they have a screenshot of the important bit...a fox, on a golf course, stealing a dude's wallet.

(edit: I got it to work. It's hilarious.)
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Paging [personal profile] yhlee! Photos of 7 fox species. (Bit of a misnomer, given that several are color variants of the red fox...)

ETA: And more fox photography. (Someone on my Facebook list is posting fox links today!)
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You may remember a few weeks ago I brought you the breaking news that a fox had stolen a cellphone and sent a text message.

Well, now they're breaking into your home and cuddling with you while you sleep.

I still have no other fox icon than this. What is wrong with me?!
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Fox steals smartphone, sends text.*

It also answered the phone, apparently.

*"I FRY o a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw." Because I knew you would ask.
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Dream last night:cut for foxes )
* Often used in anime for exorcising people by whacking them with it.

** Note to [personal profile] rachelmanija: a lot like the ceremonial area of the temple we stayed at in Koya-san.


Oct. 13th, 2007 01:19 pm
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A random thought on Korean foxes in reference to the movie I reviewed. It, necessarily, gives away plot and ending, not that I didn't give away plot and ending in the review/summary already. :D But it will make more sens if you've read the review/summary.

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For those of you living in or phoning Japan, that is.

My lunchtime reading today was in The Fox and the Jewel: Shared and Private Meanings in Contemporary Japanese Inari Worship, which is basically an anthropological investigation of the many, many forms that Inari worship takes in Japan today, with special emphasis on the foxes that serve as the deities' messengers.

So, the question is: how do you tell if you're talking to a fox on the phone?

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My head is full of foxes. Also, the major drawback to reading all these books on Asian fox spirits is that the authors keep mentioning these wonderful stories, which are all in books written in languages I can't read.

In Alien Kind: Foxes and Late Imperial Chinese Narrative, which I'm reading totally out of order, the author mentions that Chinese foxes often threw roof-tiles at people when haunting houses, from which she extrapolates that falling roof tiles were a common problem in Chinese houses. :) (and also mentions that roofs are liminal spaces, boundaries between the outside and inside.)

What I find fascinating is the commonalities between Western and Eastern things - houses haunted by foxes often have the same phenomena as poltergeists in Europe, and mediums could be either possessed by foxes or hold seances in which people and things behaved in ways that would have been completely familiar to any turn-of-the-last-century Spiritualist medium.

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