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Post on Skepchick about the female athlete triad, which refers to the tendency of female athletes who are not eating enough to have many, many injuries. They may not think they're undereating--the poster was eating 1600 calories/day when her doctor diagnosed her with this--but they need to be eating significantly more than they are to avoid the injuries.
The Female Athlete Triad doesn’t necessarily present as severe thinness, and that misconception is a dangerous one: just as people who don’t fit the eating disorder “mold” (deathly thin, female) can easily go untreated or even be denied treatment coverage and suffer severe consequences, people who don’t fit that mold can suffer the consequences of the Triad simply because their bodies are scrounging extra fuel from their bone and muscle tissue rather than causing them to lose weight. The Triad can occur at any size and weight.

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