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HEY GUESS WHAT. FedEx claims that nobody was home at 10:30 AM when they tried to deliver our JapanRail passes! You know...nobody except MY HUSBAND WHO WORKS FROM HOME. And not only does the door tag say it's NOT going to be redelivered tomorrow, they say we have to go up to their facility at I20 and I35 to pick it up! That would be the NORTH intersection of them, not the south, which is far closer to where we actually live.

I phoned them and the person on the phone could only say "It shows here that delivery was attempted." And claimed that delivery would be reattempted tomorrow, but the door tag says we have to pick it up. I said I would like to register a very strong complaint that the driver didn't knock or ring the bell, and she said she'd let the station hub know. and then I sent a couple of very strong tweets at @FedEx and @FedExHelp on the off chance that someone was actually listening, but I am not optimistic.

I have no idea why people claim FedEx is better than UPS. I have had problems like this about 50% of the time I've had to use FedEx, and many, many, many times fewer with UPS. A FedEx driver even once left a signature-only package containing a credit card that was overnighted to me at my door without knocking--I was at home waiting for it.

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