Aug. 10th, 2012 03:48 pm
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I washed my Fitbit today.

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1. Toby and I are doing the routines in the new New Rules of Lifting for Life, and my upper back is going to feel it tomorrow!

2. There's a site where you can map routes in the Roman world. Nifty!
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Anyone here on Fitocracy? (For those unaware of it, it's a site to track your exercise that works a wee bit like an MMORPG in that you level up as you accumulate exercise points, given for logging it, and you can go on optional quests. It's in beta and invite-only at this time, but I've got 9 4 invites left.)
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A few months back I ran across a website that had a large collection of exercises and their descriptions, which also had a workout routine generator. You could enter in (a) the time you had, (b) the equipment you had, and (c) other stuff, including gender and what you were hoping to accomplish with the workout. It would then generate a routine for you from the exercises in its database. You did not have to log in.

It is not the Sparkpeople workout generator. That gives you pre-formed routines, while the site I'm thinking of created them on the fly. It is also not the ExRx site, which does not create routines (although the site I'm thinking of has a collection of exercises like ExRx does).

It's been frustrating me for half an hour, and none of the searches I can think of are finding it. Why the hell I didn't bookmark it at the time I found it, I'll never know.
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Does anyone here have any recommendations for compact, small cardio exercise equipment? Something that takes up space in use, but which easily folds away, like those treadmills that can fold up, is also an option. (No non-recumbent bikes, plz, those things hurt me!)

I'm just looking at things that take significantly less floorspace than the recumbent bikes. My current bike needs about 6' x 3.5' of space.
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I've got four more workouts in Stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women, then I get to rest for a week, then I start Stage 2.

In Stage 1 (well, in all stages, really) you alternate two different workouts so neither you nor your muscles get bored. :) Here is how I've increased in weights:

(note: "x2/x3" means do each set two or three times. Squat 15 x 2 would be squatting 15 times, rest then squat 15 times again. Etc.)

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I was supposed to do my weights yesterday - my schedule being Sun, Tues, Thurs, with Fri and Sat off for rest, but with Day 2 of the migraine last night, decided to put it off for another day because exertion and overheating would make it worse. Woke up without pain, but when I got home form work, I had a bit of a headache, so didn't do it right then in order not to trip another migraine. After dinner, however, my head was fine (probably had been hurting in part due to hunger), so I finally got around to lifting around 9:15. :) And added a half-pound by dint of using a new 13-pound bar I got instead of the dumbbells with 6.25 pounds on each. Woo, progress!

I'll probably shift all of this week's workouts one day, to keep the days off, which are supposed to be the more important of the days - your muscles build by fixing themselves during rest, after all.

Aaand now I'm very tired, in a good way and not the migraine exhaustion of the weekend, so shall crawl off to bed...

Oh wait, one more thing. Here, have a video I snagged from [community profile] lifting_heavy_things:
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OMG tired. At least the weights seem to be doing some good! :D I got The New Rules of Lifting for Women, after seeing several recommendations for it online, and decided I liked enough of its philosophy to follow along with the program. (The trainer guy prefers to do fewer exercises that work a whole lot of muscles at once, rather than concentrating on one muscle or muscle group at a time, unless you're training for bodybuilding. I am all about getting it over with as fast as possible!)

It came on because of the need to strengthen my bones, plus wanting to build more muscle up as it burns more calories. :) But I will be happy as long as I make my bones stronger, although that will take months, I think, as I believe bones take a very long time to respond to repeated stresses like weightlifting.
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Walk 24 minutes 1 mi. Total: 936.5 mi. From Lorien: 78.5 mi. Drifting, la la la. You'll forgive me for not linking until I'm doing something other than DRIFTING.

We took an actual walk today! I'm in yet another ACK OSTEOPOROSIS! phase, which I periodically get into since I'm lactose-intolerant and therefore consume significantly less dairy than I ought (not to mention really not liking most of the non-dairy foods that are full of calcium). But weight-bearing exercise also strengthens bones, and that's something I can do something about. Toby suggested going for a walk, and we did. :)
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Context, if you haven't read yesterday's post: someone on my f-list has an LJ friend who asked for positive experiences with exercise and diet, so I am tl;dring at great length.*

* "Too long; didn't read"
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