Aug. 14th, 2017 09:52 am
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Had a dream last night that was most likely triggered by watching Game of Thrones after painting scars onto a photograph of a model for a book cover--a dragon had, in the recent past, put its mouth down right on top of me and bit me, then picked me up (with my head and shoulders in its mouth) and shaken me around a bit before dropping me. So I had wounds, turning to scars, on my torso and back.

Was that was the focus of the dream was? NO. I was back at some sort of school, although I was adult or young adult, and the headmistress refused to believe my story, and I spent the time attempting to convince her.

Why are brains?
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I managed to hurt my back last night by the complex and subtle maneuver of reaching forward to get a glass of water. It's nowhere near as bad as I've hurt it previously, and seems to be much less at the moment, but because I have hurt it previously in the same spot (a ligament in my lower back), I'm going in to the doc anyway this afternoon. I spent years unable to walk or stand for long without pain, and gained 50 pounds because of that which didn't help, because I didn't get a back problem looked at soon enough (no insurance at the time), so I'm not inclined to treat this casually.

Again, my subconscious comes up with elaborate plans during the night. I totally dreamed this: in the dream, I came up with a plan to make a short comic book PSA about sex and issues around it, for the younger crowds attending anime conventions, in the same sort of vein as the Death PSA on AIDS/condoms that Gaiman wrote some time ago. Explaining what to do when the guy you just met at the con asks you to accompany him back to his hotel room "just to pick up some stuff," how to negotiate visitors over with your crash-room roommates, etc. It would be B&W and printed on regular paper and stapled together so that anyone could download it, print some up at Kinko's, staple it into a booklet, and drop several copies on the freebie table, etc.

In the dream, I even thought to myself "When I wake up, I need to email [personal profile] rachelmanija and ask her if she wants to write it." And also started working out logistics, like making sure to introduce the characters as being at least 18 in the beginning so nobody accuses us of child pr0n or encouraging minors to have sex (even though it would be PG/PG-13 rated anyway!), and that it wouldn't be a continuous story, but instead a collection of short 1-2 page 4komas/comic strips or short comics, so that we could solicit other creators to contribute to it.

It's actually not a bad idea, really. Hmm.
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I have been watching too much Say Yes to the Dress* and River Monsters; last night I dreamed that I worked in a clothing store that included a bridal salon, and I was getting married. As I worked there, I decided I needed a dress from there. At some point, I was aware that the salon was flooded, and my fiancee and I rode a giant marlin around as it leaped through the store.

Also, in non-dream-related news, when it comes to River Monsters I am now going to be forever suspicious of the show's claiming that Jeremy Wade is out in the back of beyond every time: in last night's ep, which talked about the most bizarre creatures he's encountered, one of them was the Amazonian river dolphin. He was filmed standing on a platform in the middle of the Amazon river (and swimming around it, feeding dolphins), and his voiceover says that he's told that "the locals" feed the dolphins from here.

Yeah, well, I've seen the Stephen Fry version of Last Chance to See, where he went to the very same platform on a side-trip during the manatee episode, and it's owned by a luxury eco-hotel, and the "locals" Wade refers to, while they are, indeed, local, are employees of the selfsame hotel who feed the dolphins to ensure that they'll come up to the platform when tourists want to see them.

* My current guilty-pleasure trashy TV show. The dresses appeal to my inner costumer, and I get to be appalled at the wedding marketing machine.
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I wonder what it says about me when my dreams contain references to both Jacques Derrida and Harriet Klausner?*

* To be fair, in my dream I was convinced she was either a bot or a conglomerate, and then I designed a logo for her.
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I went to bed last night after reading a bit in a book that might give me ideas for Yuletide, hoping that my subconscious would present me with possible options in my dreams.* Instead, what I ended up doing in my dreams was riding [ profile] buymeaclue's horse Tucker into a Half-Price Books** and buying a copy of Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion. Which, after I got back to the summer camp I was attending and [ profile] jonquil, who was also there, informed me that there was now a fourth book in the series, turned out to be a Speshul Omnibus Edition that contained all four Patterns of Fashion books.

I usually don't dream of LJ people, but it's always amusing how they turn out to be a sort of vague blob tagged with their name.

[ profile] buymeaclue, Tucker was very patient and well-behaved with a thoroughly inexperienced rider. XD

Eesh. But now my ehad hurts a bit and I hope it's not going migrainey. :P

* It sometimes does, amusingly enough.

** I didn't want to leave him in the parking lot.
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*yawn* It's Colonial time again 'round here. The Colonial golf club hosts a huge tournament yearly, so parts of University Drive that I go down every morning are lined with ticket scalpers buying and selling, and many of the parking lots have sprouted NO GOLF PARKING signs overnight.

I am still strung out from lack of sleep, even though I slept much better last night than nights previously. I (and my mother, for some odd coincidental reason) seem to be waking up at 5:30 every morning, unable to go back to sleep. Yesterday I gave up and went in to work at 7. Last night, however, I woke up several times, at first convinced I was still lying awake but then realizing that no, moments previously I had been driving a small red convertible only slightly larger than a Shriner's car, accompanied by two dogs, so I'd most likely been asleep. Other highlights of the night's wacky dreams, which all followed the same pattern of waking up convinced I'd been awake all along until I realized that I'd been dreaming:

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P.S. Also have "Springtime for Hitler" stuck in my head. Aaargh!


Apr. 26th, 2008 07:18 am
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Had a dream last night that [ profile] rachelmanija handed me her story for the PBR chapbook and it was 100 pages - which was good, as we have to have a minimum of 48 pages total - but that it was full of typoes and I was trying to collate it and do a page count (again, for some reason) while driving.

I don't think that dream actually needs any interpretation. Especially since I woke up at 7 AM after going to bed at 1 AM. I'll probably nap at some point this afternoon, but I'm going to get some art done first. XD
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Last night's dreams were a bit odd and probably prompted by a case of overall itchiness due to dry skin combined with finishing a story about changelings in an anthology of fairy novellas I bought in the airport. I dreamed cut for odd dream you'll be sorry you skipped )

[ profile] sartorias is celebrating Shakespeare's birthday by linking to small-press-type creative projects.

[ profile] yhlee is asking about using body language to express emotions in your characters.

If you haven't read this yet: hilarious. OH JOHN RINGO NO.
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Thee are THREE PEOPLE IN A ROW on my f-list who had intense, trippy dreams last night. I feel sad that for me last night was "I'm sleepy ... Oh. It's morning!"

This post has been brought to you by nothing in particular except a vague interest in what I'm going to have for lunch.
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[ profile] rachelmanija has a poll about dreams in her LJ. This started as a comment there, but got long enough that I figured it'd be best to move to my LJ.

I've mentioned before about my dreams being especially vivid on the Trazodone. They're not really more coherent, though. :D Last night I dreamed about Renji, which makes sense since I've been drawing the doujinshi, but instead of anything fun like having a torrid affair or fighting side-by-side or anything, he was busy wangsting over Rukia and completely ignoring me. XD
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