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I have actually done my first banning of a non-troll journal. (The comments in question are all frozen, since the person cannot answer back - it wouldn't be fair.)

Honestly, people, if someone misunderstands you it is your responsibility to APOLOGIZE, not to get up in arms because you weren't aware of the implication of your words. Own your fucking words! Or go complain in your own LJ!

P.S. It was the attempt to dictate to Rachel who could and could not answer her question that really torqued me off and spurred the ban. This is my LJ, and I am the dictator here! Argue all you want with each other, but be aware that I think ANYONE has the right to respond, and may.
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One of my RL/LJ/DA friends has been accused of art theft. Why? Because she drew ... a blue tiger with silver wings. The accuser has a character that is a blue tiger with silver wings and is apparently under the impression that nobody else in the entire universe would be capable of thinking of the concept of a blue tiger with silver wings without having come across it before.

Not linking to any of it, to honor my friend's wish not to cause more drama. Just posting about it because I feel like bitching.

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