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[ Edit: This was the first essay I wrote and desperately needs to be edited and reworded. And one thing that I think needs to be clarified is my use of the word "amateur." Way too many people think that "amatuer" is something worse than "professional," which isn't the case at all. My use of the word in this essay is meant only to distinguish the amount of time that one mangaka has been at his craft from the much, much longer amount of time that another has. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me to clarify. ]

At the request of [ profile] coffee_and_ink, some blathering on about why and how manga pages work. Images in it, with at least one image about 200K - slow-modem users beware.

Not that I've even got to SAIYUKI and FRUITS BASKET yet, which is what she asked for. I'm going to hit DRAGONBALL Z first, for reasons you'll shortly understand.

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