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Back from the dentist! Still no cavities! Go me!

I told the tech before she started cleaning my teeth that she might want to keep the suction thingy handy because I have a tendency to over-salivate and a hair-trigger gag reflex. She said, "Do you want to hold it?" I said "Yes!" And had no problems whatsoever -- it seems that having the POWAH in my hands to solve the problem is a great relief and helps a lot. Woo!


May. 20th, 2010 11:09 am
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Dentally, I am very boring. That's the exact words from the hygienist, so my five-year hiatus in dentist visits has been uneventful, yay. Got a cleaning scheduled for August. I was originally supposed to go last week, but by Wednesday I realized that I had a cold, not allergies, and they'd probably prefer me not infecting everyone in the office, so I rescheduled for today.

I picked this dentist by looking on Angie's List for dentists with both "A" ratings and websites, then contacted three of them via their websites. This was the ONLY office that replied - one bounced, one disappeared into the ether. Anyway, as a web professional, I feel justified in considering it VERY IMPORTANT that if you have a website with a contact form or email address, then you should damn well make sure it works and reply to it, and I shall refuse to patronize businesses that don't want to deal with me the way I prefer to be dealt with. So there.

Anyway, the boring-dentally news is very heartening, as the last time I went to a dentist they replaced two fillings and the Novocaine never kicked in. Once the dentist reached the limit of the shots, he offered me the option of stopping and rescheduling or just going ahead, and I picked going ahead because I knew that if they stopped, I'd never return. It took me a few years to realize that maybe, somewhere deep in my unconscious, I had no intention of returning anyway. Ah well. This dentist is an older man with that reassuring air, which I felt I needed. :)

And despite their replying to their email, both the dentist and hygienist are pretty non-technological so I got to demonstrate my Kindle to them and explain it and why I use it (mostly so I don't have to haul several books around at once).

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