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Remember the awesometasticness that was the cheese factory movie Death Trance?* Turns out the star, Tak Sakaguchi,* has just been announced as appearing at A-Kon this year.

* If you haven't encountered the awesomeness that is Death Trance, click on the Death Trance tag and scroll down to the five-part recap I did.

** Although we all really know the true star of the movie is Steven Segal's son's hair.
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HOOOOOOW did I not see that Death Trance was on this year's list of requested fandoms for Yuletide? There's currently one offer to write ... I shall have to track down the character list and see if Sid's Hair is on it. XD

decisions, decisions...
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You remember the glory that is Death Trance? Well, Ink Flute over on has gotten into the spirit of the think and notified me that she's got a small series of drabbles/shortfic based on it. (I think they truly come into their own in #5, with the introduction of The Hair.)

I can't believe I don't have any Death Trance icons...
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I got my DVD of Death Trance today and settled in to watch the extras. The Making Of is unfortunately way too short, but there's a fairly decent interview with the star of the movie. And it's hilarious to realize just how seriously they were taking this thing.

There is, however, something that Tak Sakaguchi, the aforementioned star, would like us all to know... )
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And now! The climactic (and I am SO NOT KIDDING when I use that word) final scenes of Death Trance!

Perhaps NSFW for OH SO SYMBOLIC SYMBOLISM And penis-swords. )

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And now we commence Part the Fourth of the immortal Death Trance. You should all go out and buy this movie now or at the very least put it in your Netflix queue. The point at which the motorcycle showed up was the point at which I knew I HAVE TO OWN THIS MOVIE and loaded My copy should arrive tomorrow. :D I look forward to the "Making of Death Trance" featurette in the extras.

On to the recap...


...Which seems like an opportune time to break off. Coming soon to an LJ near you: DEATH TRANCE PART THE FIFTH! SOMETIMES A CIGAR IS REALLY A THROBBING PENIS-SHAPED SWORD
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Herein commences Part the Third of the monumental Death Trance recap.


Prepare yourself for PART THE FOURTH! There are only two major (and one minor) locations left in the movie, so I predict two more entries in this series.
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Herein commences the second part of the recap of the Death Trance movie of AWESOME.

Warning: we may be getting into a slight R rating here for a PHALLIC SWORD. I mean, moreso than usual.


...And there we will stop part 2. Part 3 coming!
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This is going to be pretty much a thorough recap of this movie of AWESOME. If you feel you should watch it without knowing anything more than AWESOME going in, then skip these posts. :)


I didn't get around to posting a selection of the screencaps from the movie of AWESOME that I watched Thursday night like I intended to this weekend. Stuff happened. At any rate, I did manage to upload the screencaps, so I can bring them to you today.

So everyone, put on a CD or mp3 of your favorite hair metal band, crank it to 11, sit back and wait to experience...



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