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...because I say so. Here are videos I scrounged up from across the internet at great peril to myself. OK, they all came across RocketNews24. But you won't regret spending a few minutes watching any or all of them.

Links go to the RocketNews 24 posts, because they usually have a small writeup about the group and/or music, and links to other videos by the group/musicians:

Youth breakdancing crew Kyushudanji Shinsengumi at the World of Dance competition.

French hip-hop/contemporary dance duo Les Twins dancing to a koto performance by Yumi Kurosawa at Kiyomizu-dera, one of the more famous temples in Kyoto.

Norwegian trio the Dancing Strawhats and Japanese dancer Koharu Sugawara and her team dance to TroyBoi at Shorenji in Kyoto.

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