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Toby got the underwater cameras developed and sent me the pictures I'd taken during our stingray swim. I'm fairly impressed, for a disposable camera. A bit of levels adjustment in Photoshop, and they came out pretty nice.

The full photoset is here:

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And now the final group of shots from the cruise. The ship docked at Cozumel, and some of us went on the excursion to Tulum, some small Mayan ruins along the coastline about an hour or so away. It was a rainy day, but the storm held off for most of the time.

The photoset itself, with 23 photos, is here:

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The second shore excursion on the cruise was on the island of Grand Cayman. The two people who had been on the cruise before arranged for an independent tour of part of the island, the Turtle Farm, and swimming with stingrays on a sandbar offshore known as Stingray City.

We sat around for an hour, because we arrived on shore an hour early for our tour, then found out the tour was delayed an hour, so we split up and poked about the town until time for the tour. As usual, I contracted a very very bad headache - I got one every day I went on shore - but once I got into the water it went away, so I'm assuming a good deal of it was due to overheating.

The full photoset is posted here, but here's a few of the best pics.

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Just posted the next photoset of vacation photos at Flickr - the Jamaica Black River tour.

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So I'm back from the Caribbean, with a cold and a touch of vertigo that is partly a combination of the cold and partially my brain still not quite convinced I'm on solid ground. cut for more text and pictures )

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