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Re: crockpots: [ profile] yhlee and anyone else who has a slow cooker and not yet tried the slow cooker plastic liners: I've now tried one and it is muy excellente. You put it in your crock and fold it down over the pot as a whole, put your stuff in, pop the lid on and cook. After it's done and you eat, you empty it out, wait for it to cool, then lift out the dirty liner and toss it in the trash. You only have to clean the lid of the crockpot. Yay! Might get expensive if you cook several times a week - I think I paid $4-5 for the box of four liners, but as I hate hate hate washing the thing since it's so heavy, I find it well worth the expense. Especially as I use the slow cooker on the order of once a month. :D

And now for the hair! Since [ profile] rachelmanija is viciously off having a life or something and not sitting by her computer awaiting my email and giving me instant feedback on hair, I turn to the internet. I'm updating the hair for Rivas and Jordan in Project Blue Rose* so they will have hair with actual style and not my Generic Default Guy Hairstyles.

Why I'm doing it right now? Because at lunch today I was in line at Subway behind this Hispanic kid from the local high school who had Rivas' exact hair - lovely, thick, glossy, black, straight - and it was artfully cut into a style that I figured Jordan would drag Rivas off to a salon somewhere and make him get. Similar to his previous one-length bob (see icon), with slight layers at the end to make it move, and shorter lengths around the face, swept to one side.

Rivas now gets to grouse about his hair always being in his face.

I'm also working on a new 'do for Jordan, which will have life and movement and not be so damn hard to draw. (For a simple style like he had before, it was damn hard to do consistently.)

Cut for pictures and poll )

* Don't know what Project Blue Rose and/or Spindrift are? Hie thee hence to and find out!

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