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Almost an entire pot of copper polish, a sponge, a toothbrush, several soft cloths, two episodes of Top Gear, and probably a whole lot of dead brain cells later, the copper tray is clean! Or as clean as it's going to get for now!

You should go to my previous post and look at the tray as it was first, just to get the full impact of the change. Really. I'll wait here.

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When Toby and I swung by my mom's place on the way home from the cruise, she gave us a copper tray that my dad had picked up when he was stationed in Turkey about the time I was born. I believe it's part of a Turkish coffee service I vaguely remember sitting around the house, but I have no idea what Mom did with the coffee pot. It may be long gone, or it may be stuck in a box somewhere waiting for Mom to get around to unpacking it.

I think today's project is cleaning off umpty-ump years of dull brown patina to expose the shiny copper. (If anyone feels the need to protest "But patina! Verdigris!" please note that the patina here is dull brown and is hiding the tooled pattern, and the verdigris spots are doing much the same thing: it was not designed with patina and verdigris in mind.)

I started on the back, so if I screwed up and marked it, it wouldn't show. I'm currently using an Internet-sourced mix of salt, white vinegar, and flour (to form a paste that will stay on the tray for a bit), wiped off with paper towels. Seems to be starting to work.

I've stopped for the moment because we only had about 1/2 cup vinegar, which is odd as we have every other type of vinegar possible (well, maybe not every type, but plenty). So I need to make a grocery run, which means I need to figure out if I'm cooking tonight and if so, what. I also need a toothbrush, so I can get into the tiny lines on the engraving, although I'm a bit torn as to whether I should leave them alone, so the darker patina in the grooves will make the design pop, or just go ahead and scrub 'em out.

I may also break down and just get some copper polish and damn the noxious chemicals.

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