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Doing my best to get the economy robust, I have shopped my heart out this weekend so far. All stuff I needed, of course.

Home Depot: 2 500-watt halogen work lights, to try to set up a home copystand for taking photos of art that will hopefully be good enough to use as prints. We'll see how well this works.

Best Buy: Finally spending the $50 gift certificate, putting it towards a copy of Howl's Moving Castle and a 1-gig stick of memory for my computer, so it has 2 gigs, and hopefully when I've got a 20-layer piece open in Photoshop as well as having several other programs open at the same time, it won't be soooo daaaaaamn slooooooow.

Barnes & Noble, because my mom sent me a coupon. Saiyuki Reload 4, which we KNOW I needed, Bleach 13, which turned out to be a godsend since it had the clearest picture of Renji's tattoos and sideburns that I've found yet and was put to good use last night, Bizenghast 2, and another OEL that I don't remember the name of.

Michaels: A metric buttload of mats in all sizes, foam-cor for backing, greeting card blanks to print cards to sell at the table, and drawing supplies.

And then I came home to mail from [ profile] rachelmanija, who'd gotten me 4 manga in Italian, which turned out to be Bleach 1, Inu-Yasha 45, Blade of the Immortal 1, and Saiyuki 8. I'm not going to be comparing them directly to the English version because I don't want to have my knowledge of the text make me think I understand the Italian when I really don't. Plus, the translations are bound to be slightly different - I did look at page 1 of Bleach, just to see, and there's already a slight difference in wording - what was translated "town" in English is "quarter" in Italian (probably closer to the Japanese, I expect), and in Italian Rukia says "È in questa zona... percepisco un'intensa attività spirituale..." which I think translates to "In this area ... I sense intense spiritual activity..." (yeah, a lot of cognates in that - you could probably translate it yourself without knowing Italian), while the English version has her say something about how it's surprising. Which might be from the Japanese. Or not. At any rate, directly comparing the two translations will probably do more harm than good at my current stage of Italian, but it'll be interesting later on.

ETA: I forgot the most important part of the whole shopping trip, which is that the cat now has a new plastic bag to sit on. She threw up on her old plastic bag, and was feeling the sore lack of a plastic bag to sit on, but thanks to Michaels, she can sit and gently rustle to her heart's content.

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