telophase: (Bleach - Aizen and Gin dance!)
Remember back when I asked for volunteers who might be interested in trying out a crack-based RPG loosely based on Bleach?

*crickets chirp*

Okay, maybe not. At any rate, it's pretty much started off with a bang. Or at least a frightening sugar binge, as the creepiest plushie in the world has joined forces with Yachiru (a mod-played character) and gone off on a sugar binge wherein they both complain about how the red crayons always run out first, and it looks like the world's most awesome delivery van may soon be receiving a few mods from an ex-Division 12 guy. And did I mention the homemade zanpakuto?

[ profile] conbini for all your sake-in-a-box needs!

(If you're intrigued and think you want to join, just comment here! XD Rules, descriptions, etc. linked from the info page at [ profile] conbini.)

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