Feb. 23rd, 2009 09:18 pm
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Four days gone and skip=360 YOU PEOPLE ARE INSANE.

Am still very tired - migraine last night, so dealing with migraine hangover. Have been burning dollar bills to raise apartment temp to 78 so I can take a warm bath and actually remain warm while in tub, the psychological effects of which are totally worth the money.

Con was a con. Well, the best year we've had yet, attendance-wise, beating the Lois McMaster Bujold year. Of course, we did have both David Weber and Jim Butcher as GoHs this year, which might have had a wee bit to do with it... Jack McDevitt as GoH next year, and we're working on another one, to be announced when there's confirmation. :D
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Feb. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Am getting sick. [ profile] myrialux laid lower than I am - he's got fever and body aches, but I have utterly avoided that and have just coughing and tiredness. He also says that he gets sick like this once or twice a year. So no clue if it's flu or not. Plz not to be asking flu-shot questions* or leaving helpful comments about orange juice** and water because I either already know about them or am not doing them anyway.

I am not surprised about a lack of fever in me, as I don't actually get fevers except in the most extreme of circumstances. I haven't had one over 100.3 since I was in highschool, and that was way far long ago.

It's also probably not con crud as of my coworkers***, one is out with something suspiciously similar to this, and the other is starting to exhibit symptoms. I suspect if it's con crud, I was a vector of it and not a mere recipient.

Am also eating like a pig, as is [ profile] myrialux. :D I'm going to attempt work tomorrow as I ahve a performance review, but if I ahve to go home, it'll be by the grocery store so I can stock up on Tune Helper and other low-work foods.

Anyway. Con. Most of it covered in the text messages. Yes, lots of people not recognizing Saiyuki. I could tell this, because they'd turn to those prints in the portfolio and say "I don't recognize this show." Most of them were younger, yes.

Matt from Death Note. I got asked several times for him, and when I started a sketch to eventually transfer to marker paper and color, someone bought it from me right after I finished outlining the major lines in Sharpie so I could see it through the marker paper. XD So I did another one, and managed to get it to marker stage, whereupon someone bought it. And after that, someone else came by who'd seen it being colored and was disappointed that it had already sold.


* I was out sick the day they administered them at work and failed to figure out where else I could get one. Yeah, I know. Let's not discuss it.

** Too acidic for my stomach on a normal day, much less when it's been made rumbly and annoyed by sinus drainage.

*** Who I am fairly sure *did* get the flu shot, actually, so it's probably not flu or it's a strain not covered in the shot this year.
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I rented some movies on the way home, because there is nothing at home that interests me right now and I am WAY TOO DAMN TIRED to do anything but lie on the couch and moan tragically. And since the only being around to hear me moan tragically is the cat and she doesn't give a damn, it's rather a boring pastime.

So, poll.

[Poll #838730]

And another con-related question: tell me your Defining Fandom Moment(s). Can be at a con or not, however you want to interpret it. Here's one of mine:

A few years ago when I was on the Lois McMaster Bujold mailing list, she came by Austin on a signing tour. An Austin resident on the mailing lsit threw together a party and invited anyone on the list who could make it, plus a lot of local fandom people, and Bujold herself, who showed up. Anyway, at one point, the normal party Brownian motion led me in the direction of a group of little old white-haired ladies sitting in the corner, deeply involved in an animated discussion. I wandered over and eavesdropped. They were discussing attack helicopters.

(OK, of of the white-haired ladies was Elizabeth Moon, so it's not entirely unexpected, but still...)
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...and totally not happy about it. I'm at work today only because the apartment complex notified the apartments around me that they were shutting the water off today to do plumbing repairs, and I decided I'd rather be miserable in a place with running water. Sum total useful work today: I turned in a form. Which involved me walking over to one office in the library to get a signature and then upstairs (on the elevator, actually, otherwise I'd start coughing and not stop) to turn it in, which made me tired.

Anyway, I'm sitting here trying to stay awake, so to help me: tell me your convention stories. Funny, sad, noncomittal, whatever.

Here's a short one that isn't even mine, it's [ profile] mothoc's, but I stole it from him: at A-Kon a couple of years ago, one of the escalators from one convention floor to another stopped, with many people standing on it. Who remained standing on it, until someone near the bottom yelled for them to WALK UP THE STAIRS.

Art ideas!

Aug. 8th, 2006 03:23 pm
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I need art ideas! And [ profile] rachelmanija needs to procrastinate!

AnimeFest is coming up in less than a month, and I need to produce art for it. What seems to sell well, besides the poster of the three hot clones from Advent Children, is things that depict little moments between people, especially humorous or "Awwwwwwwwww!". The one I've got of wee!Naruto measuring his hand against Iruka's always sells, as does the Naruto/Hinata one ripping off Lady and the Tramp with ramen noodles. The standard "character-in-pose" doesn't sell especially well - there needs to be some sort of story implied.

So: any ideas? I'll take any manga.anime fandom, although I'm more likely to do something from Naruto, Saiyuki, Death Note, Bleach, Advent Children, Kingdom Hearts I, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, or anything else that's been on the Cartoon Network.

[ profile] rachelmanija really wanted me to put up a poll for this, but my head hurts due to crawling around under desks looking for active network drops and I can't think of anything good to put up in one.

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This is from a comment on one of [ profile] maiteoida's posts. Anyone who's sold art at a con recently is highly encouraged to post what they sold and why they think it sold. I'm eyeballing you, [ profile] pzb, [ profile] nightambre, and [ profile] the_z.

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I spent the first half of last week in Monterey at the Internet Librarian conference, then headed off to San Francisco for some fun congoing.

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Con sketches from AnimeFest. )

And in other news, I managed to knock the pepper shaker here at my computer onto the rug, so there's a definite eau de pepper perfuming the area and I sneeze randomly. Not badly - it wasn't very full to start with - but enough.

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