Dec. 2nd, 2016 10:04 am
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Long time no post. Heh. Anyway, a few days ago I bought some clothes from Kiyonna, and they had a $25 Mystery Sale where they sent you something they haven't been able to get rid of in your size. The mystery item I got was...

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So I got a test* dress from and had them make it to my measurements.**

It arrived today. I tried it on. It fits! I was also, perhaps, a bit conservative on th length and got it made to mid-calf isntead of below-the-knee. Toby said "It's nice...but don't that this wrong. It looks a little...Mennonite." So, yeah, a bit too long. :) And until I actually get around to having it hemmed up (or do it myself), I will need to de-conservatize it with accessories (and will probably need to continue to do it when it's shorter). Ideas?

It's black and grey, higher neckline, elbow-length sleeves. Alas, it is not currently on their website. Kind of think of this, in grey, with sleeves and a black bib.

(Also, if you're intrigued by the site, use my gift code: STEPHANIE83WR and I'ff get a $15 coupon, and the new-customer coupon you get (good after your first order has been delievered) is $30. The fabrics are kind of on the cheaper side, but okay.)

* test because it was a cheaper dress that I was trying out before I dropped the moolah on one of the more expensive ones.

** I've been circling about the site for years, and finally took the plunge on a shirt. It fits! So then tried the test dress.
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I'm perfectly capable of making these myself, except that my mother has seized my sewing machine and promises to let it go only if it's pried out of her cold, dead hands, so I have a wee bit of a dilemma.

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Am utterly exhausted after ConDFW. More later. Will also be offline for most of Monday due to work thing.

Also now looking for plus-size black floor-length skirt, preferably tiered or ruffled or something like that in some way, as apparently got rid of one I used to have. Which isn't good as I now own custom-fitted skirted corset which would look damn good with one. Any leads would be good. ETA: It needs to be not transparent, although if it's one that's got a transparent overlay over an opaque skirt, that's fine.

Now going the hell to bed.

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