Jun. 19th, 2006 11:26 pm
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And now [ profile] devikun's taken me up on the challenge, with 1. Two for one.
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The first person to start in on that challenge I posted a bit back is Shira, over on DeviantArt. And she's deciding to make them all Saiyuki-related. Here's her first piece: #2 I Can't Do This Alone. I suspect you can take the image however you wish to take it. XD

P.S. Mello sees you naked.
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...for you creative-types (fic, art, icons, interpretive dance, whatever), because I am bored interested.

Long and long ago, I found a list of 100 topics on which to draw pictures over on DeviantArt, which had been translated from Japanese. I drew 5 or 6 pictures according to the list and then forgot about it. They were good prompts, but the problem is that they pretty much all were of the emo evocative type and while that's fine sometimes, sometimes you just don't want to deal with that sort of thing. So I've made my own list. And it's much shorter, only 10. If there's an actual response to this, I may add more later.

If you choose to try the challenge, your job is to produce, at some point because there is no deadline unless you really really want one, ten (or as many as you feel like doing) works of whatever ilk - fanfic, original fic, art, icons, interpretive dance, poetry, Spam sculpture, whatever - each of which has some sort of relevance to one of the topics. Creativity in interpretation is encouraged. Feel free to mix and match: you don't need to stick to one fandom, medium, or whatever unless you want to.

And of course I can't actually take this seriously, so I made my list out of the Engrish and the comments from the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Engrish reports.

Telophase's VERY IMPORTANT SERIOUS list o'topics )

ETA: And if you didn't read it then, you really really need to read [ profile] rushthatspeaks' report of the HK DVD set of Saiyuki. If you read it then, you really really need to read it again. Trust me.

Hey! You!

Sep. 7th, 2005 01:19 pm
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Yeah, you! Draw me a picture! Write me a bit of fic! Produce something creative!

hey, it produces surprising results on DeviantArt; let's see what it does here.

p.s. - mello sees you naked.

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