Jun. 9th, 2014 02:16 pm
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I mmmmight just have bought the cats an ice cream truck.

Augh, Sora!

Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:57 pm
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Sora scared the fool out of us this weekend. The story does have a happy ending, as shown by the photo under the cut of him snoozing on my chest and purring madly as I was at the computer yesterday afternoon.

Cut for photo and longer story )


Feb. 26th, 2014 09:42 am
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Sora is over the cold he had last week. We took the cats in to the vet yesterday for their annual checkup and vaccinations, which took a toll on Toby as Sora scratched the shit out of his hand when we were wrangling him into the carrier. We'd given him a kitty tranq an hour or so beforehand, but it hadn't made any difference. Sora was much calmer at the vet, and they suggested giving it to him 2 hours beforehand, as it takes longer with some cats.

Sora's got a heart murmur. :/ The vet says it can be caused by stress, and he was obviously very stressed, or by congestive heart failure, heartworms, or other things. If it's heart failure, that can be managed. The vet took blood and it's going for tests, so we should know in a few days if it's CFS or something else.

Anyway, Nefer's going to have to go in for a teeth cleaning at some point in the next few months, but that's about it for her. Her heart is perfectly fine (the vet let me listen to both Sora and Nefer's hearts with her stethoscope, so I could hear the difference).

Sora has been VERY LOVING and POSSESSIVE now after his TRAUMATIC DAY. He spent last night glued to me, and when Nefer jumped up on me in the wee hours of the morning, he chased her off the bed (not before she got some scritching, at least).
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Still sneezing. Still antisocial (somewhat), not wanting to be petted, but he did come and sleep on our bed last night, and ate breakfast this morning. He doesn't appear to be running a fever--his ears and nose aren't warmer than usual today nor last night.

Last night after I posted, he got up from my office and came into the media room, where Nefer and I were sitting on the couch. He sat on the back of the couch for a while, but didn't want me sticking my phone in his face to take a picture: proof! )
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Oh, lord, I'm supposed to be sitting here writing an article about A-Kon for Genki Life magazine, and Nefer is curled up next to me in her inbox SNORING IN THE CUTEST POSSIBLE WAY HOW CAN I BE EXPECTED TO FOCUS ON WRITING AT A TIME LIKE THIS I TELL YOU?!
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5:15 AM: [personal profile] myrialux and [personal profile] telophase wake up, cannot get back to sleep.

5:45 AM: [personal profile] myrialux and [personal profile] telophase both decide to log in and start work early.

6:45 AM: [personal profile] myrialux and [personal profile] telophase decide to make breakfast


7:00 AM: [personal profile] myrialux feeds cats after finishing his cereal because they are milling about our feet in confusion.

7:02 AM: Cats: OMG WHAT IS THIS WHY ARE YOU FEEDING US EARLY THE WHOLE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN CANNOT COPE (This does not stop them from gobbling the gooshyfood down, of course.)
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HOW can I be expected to work when Nefer is curled up beside me in her inbox, SNORING?


Apr. 15th, 2013 02:01 pm
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Sora's out of surgery (tooth extraction) and doing fine. And yay we do not have to pill a cat who's had oral surgery: they gave him a long-acting antibiotic (1-2 weeks) and painkiller (72 hours).

Although part of the pain cocktail is morphine-derived, so he may be Total Stoner Cat for a little while.
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Sora is currently unconscious at the vet getting a tooth extracted (and the rest cleaned, and his claws trimmed)--the fang whose gum was so inflamed at the cats' checkup is rather loose and there's enough pocketing around the base that the vet recommended going ahead and extracting it, and there will be antibiotics and pain pills to deal with now (at least Pill Pockets are on the "love" list...well, once the vet tells us he can chew).

They gave us an estimate on the low end and the high end at the checkup, as the cost isn't going to be a surprise, at least.

But...my kitty is at the vet. I can't help but worry. ;_;

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