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Figures from Renaissance paintings photoshopped into present-day photos.

Been quiet online here, mostly due to hanging out on a couple of private Slack channels instead of my normal haunts. :)

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Well now

Sep. 28th, 2015 01:25 pm
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I spent the weekend at FenCon, and ended up selling 3 pieces, which mad enough money to cover the money I dropped on two pieces of pottery in the art show. :)

However, I cut Sunday short and headed back ASP after I could pick my unsold pieces up, because Toby texted me that he'd taken Nefer to an emergency vet that morning.

Cut for vet details of yesterday and today. Nefer's fine but cranky right now )

We were originally going to take her to a specialist this week to get her evaluated for possible iodine irradiation therapy for hyperthyroidism, which the vet diagnosed her with a couple of weeks ago, but that's been postponed until we deal with the acute issue right now.
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Sora is a cat of conflicting emotions.

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Sora made a nest.

This is on the bed in the spare room, which is currently being used to store extra random stuff. Sora's pulled the top blanket partway off and made a cupped nest that exactly fits his shape.
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I sat down at my computer just now, and checked to see if the quail was still in the basket, and...

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The people on our north side sold their house and the new owners are moving in today. Although the house is on the side where we don't have any windows open, Sora is stressing over the noise. Every so often a truck drives up, and people walk around outside, and Sora hears it and growls and just in every way expresses that he Does Not Approve.

Or, at least, he was doing this all morning, in between bouts of soliciting Toby for catnip (something that occupies his brain for most of the day, every day). He fell asleep in a sunbeam about half an hour ago and has barely twitched an ear since then.

Augh, Sora!

Mar. 3rd, 2014 03:57 pm
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Sora scared the fool out of us this weekend. The story does have a happy ending, as shown by the photo under the cut of him snoozing on my chest and purring madly as I was at the computer yesterday afternoon.

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Sora has learned to open regular doors, not just the bathroom doors. Toby told me when I got home that he'd twice found a closet door standing open when he was sure it had been closed, and I jsut watched Sora open the closet door in my office.

We keep all doors to the outside of the house locked anyway, so we're not worried about that. But we now have to cat-proof the closets and make sure there's nothing he can get to that's dangerous.
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Cat story!

There's this ledge above the closet in my office (it is a Design Feature, apparently). We've got cat shelves leading up to it so the cats can go up there when they want.

A few days ago, I was sitting at the computer when Nefer decides to jump from the ledge to the bookcase on the wall to right. It's about 4' away and probably a foot lower than the ledge, about 6' tall. This ought to be easily doable for her -- I've seen her jump 5' straight up -- but Nefer is a special snowflake when it comes to jumping because she is very cautious about the surfaces. She only jumps so that her front paws are on it, presumably so she can check out the surface before committing, and uses her hind paws to kick off the side of the cabinet, case, whatever, to go the rest of the way. In our previous house, we heard mysterious thumps in the middle of the night and eventually traced it to Nefer jumping on the main bathroom counter. The cabinet door was slightly open, so when she kicked off, it slammed with a loud thump.

Yeah. So she jumps to the bookcase, it's far slicker then she realizes so she can't kick off in time. She slides off and falls directly into the 2' tall trash can, which then tumps over and she runs like hell out of there.

I can laugh now, because she wasn't hurt other than her dignity and perhaps a little stiffness the next morning (we followed her around and made sure she wasn't limping, and petted her all over to see if there was any spot that make her cranky when we touched it. She was fine). She's even more cautious now--I saw her take a good long time to decide to jump on the edge of the bathtub and when she stands on her hind legs, she's taller than it!

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