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I made this for Toby, not this past weekend but the previous weekend.

It's a chocolate rolled cake, filled with a marshmallow-type filling and slathered in buttercream before being rolled up in orange fondant and decorated to look like Toby's usual order at Freebird's World Burrito. Which is a steak burrito on cayenne, with mixed cheese (white AND yellow), mixed rice (Spanish and cilantro), a bit of corn salsa, black beans, cilantro, and sour cream. Missing: red onion and whatever sauce he usually gets. Also, he hates guac but I had to make some anyway. :)

Mixed cheese, rice, and cilantro played by coconut dyed the appropriate color with food coloring. Steak is candied pecans, Raisinettes in the role of black beans, Swedish fish chopped up to stand for corn salsa, and buttercream frosting for sour cream and guac, with extra Swedish fish bits in the guac for tomatoes and jalapenos. The tortilla was made with fondant kneaded with food coloring until it got somewhere near the right shade of orange, then I hit it with a kitchen blowtorch in spots to get the browned bits that you can't really see in this picture.

(What does buttercream frosting with Swedish fish mixed in taste like? About what you'd expect: pretty nasty. Gummy bears next time!)

It was more a triumph of showmanship than taste, alas--I'm not talking about the toppings, but the cake itself. I screwed up and bought the wrong size jelly roll pan, so it was too big and I overcooked the cake. And then the marshmallow filling decided it really wanted to be liquid at room temperature and had a tendency to drain out. At least the buttercream slathered over in underneath the fondant was good!

I'd do it again, but double the cake recipe to account for the pan and just make extra buttercream and fill it with that.


Dec. 1st, 2014 03:47 pm
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So that post I made last week asking for suggestions for semi-spectacular desserts? This is what I ended up with:

And this is what it looks like when cut open:

It's Serious Eats' Chocolate Decadence Cake, which is a triple-layer bittersweet chocolate cake with chocolate filling, buttercream frosting, and topped with chocolate ganache.

It's denser than it ought to be because it calls for cake flour, and I made it, and as I was icing it, I idly looked to my left, and as my gaze fell on the unopened cake flour box I thought "Huh. I wonder why we bought that?" and then it struck me and I thought "Oh, fuck." Everyone who ate it told me it was great anyway and that they didn't think it needed to be fluffier and I silently thought YOU ARE ALL HEATHENS IT SHOULD BE FLUFFIER and ARGH DO THEY THINK I'M FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS but merely said "Thank you." It was good that it was flat, in a way, because that meant it fit into a 10x10x4" box, and that fit EXACTLY into the soft-side freezable picnic cooler we got, so it stayed refrigerated all the way down to Mom's, and then all the way to Toby's parents, and then the leftovers made it to my aunt and uncle's house, and the last couple of slices made it back to Mom's.

It was almost a $500 cake, as the recipe I was using for the buttercream frosting had you pour a hot sugar syrup into an egg/butter mixture as you were beating it, and said to beat for 5-10 minutes, until the bowl was no longer warm. 30 minutes of beating later I resorted to wrapping ice cubes in a dish towel and surrounding the base of the bowl on the stand mixer to get it cool. I was terrified that our 25-year-old inherited stand mixer's motor would burn out, but it powered on through, despite getting quite hot to the touch, and seems to have survived. I have to admit that I am vaguely disappointed at not having an excuse to start saving for one of the latest KitchenAid mixers and various accessories (the bowl goes up and down! there's a lid with a spout so you can pour powdered sugar into the bowl while it's mixing and not have a cloud arise and cover the room!).

But the buttercream icing was DELICIOUS, tasting like vanilla ice cream base, so there's that.

Next time: cake flour, a different buttercream that won't kill my mixer (sigh), and perhaps a different recipe with only two layers because as I get older I am finding I much prefer the cake part to the icing part, an opinion that my twelve-year-old self would find HERETICAL.

P.S. I also made whoopie pies. :D


Aug. 19th, 2014 02:14 pm
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So my subconscious created a cake last night in a dream. It was on the order of the three-layer stacked cake from Momofuku Milk Bar's cookbook, that I talked about earlier.

The cake base was made of plain yellow or white cake. The first filling was a bit spicy, something like a jalapeño jelly (jam for you non USAians). The first crunch layer was chopped pecans. Then another round of cake, and a non-spicy filling that was, I think, a plain buttercream (to allow people who didn't want spicy to eat it), then the third round, topped with chocolate ganache and pecan halves, with a little pile of jalapeno jelly piled in the middle. Although in the dream, I was describing the spicy filling as "like that stuff you get on the table in Chinese restaurants" and when I woke up I realized I was picturing a cross between sweet and sour sauce and Thai dipping sauces made of vinegar and sugar.

In the plain light of day I can see that I forgot the soak, which is a flavored liquid dabbed onto the cake to moisten it and add flavor.

So I told Toby this, and he said that it actually sounded good, if it weren't too spicy. :) I can see that I'd have to make a few modifications. I'd toast the pecans, for one and thinking about it, pineapple and jalapeno make pretty durn good paletas, so I'd consider adding a pineapple-juice soak. I think maybe I'd replace the buttercream with a dulce de leche-based filling, to fit with the vaguely Tex-Mex theme.


And now I want caaaaaaaake.
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Well, I'm not on vacation, and it only took one day, but at least it's summer.

I have been making a Momofuku Milk Bar-style layer cake. MMB is the bakery part of Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC, and they have a cookbook out. Their cakes are assembled in several layers, then frozen to make it all incorporate into one big mass. You can read a short article and page trhough a slideshow about assembling one over on Serious Eats.

I'm not using one of their recipes, but something I cobbled together.

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Toby and I are having CAKE for DINNER because we are ADULTS and can do that!

We had a couple of friends over today and had a late, large lunch of balsamic-glazed ribs, BBQ beans, my grandmother's potato salad*, followed by a dessert of orange buttermilk sherbet (made by Toby) and Ding Dong Cake. The sherbet tastes like an orange Dreamsicle and the cake tastes like a Ding Dong. CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OMG. Anyway, we didn't get hungry until just now and Toby said "I'M HAVING CAKE FOR DINNER" and I said "SO AM I" and WE MADE IT HAPPEN.


* See, I love telling people this because they go "OMG those are the BEST recipes!" and then I tell tham that she got it off the back of a Dijonnaise bottle. Which I'm pretty sure is true, given that it calls for Dijonnaise and Hellman's mayo by brand name. But I still like it. :D

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