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I posted my poll kind of late on Friday so I'm bumping it one more time. I've got a hankering to try all the scents in the latest Limited Edition update, and was wondering if I could scrape up enough interest to go in on it, either for a full set or some of them. If I get one more full-set or 2-3 more part-set people, I think that'll get it within the reach of probability. :) (If you know someone not on my f-list that might be interested that you can vouch for me to them and them to me, that's fine too.)

Details of scents, costs, and polls are on this Dreamwidth post and this Livejournal post.
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Because the newest Limited Edition Art of the Unicorn perfumes sound great, and I can't find anyone running a decant circle. Is there enough interest here to make one?

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I numbered everyone who commented on the posts about the BPAL and then used the random number generator at to generate a number. The winner is [personal profile] settiai!

Sorry to the rest of y'all. :( Keep tuned--I'm sure that at some point in the future I'll have more to destash. :)
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ETA: The winner is [personal profile] settiai!

Arg I totally meant to post this morning as a reminder that I am giving away a box of BPAL bottles and imps from 2010-2013ish
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So if you missed the first announcement, you have a few more hours to get it in! I'll 8PM Central time? Three hours from now.

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ETA: Winner, winner, chicken dinner: it's [personal profile] settiai!

OKAY. In my attempt to declutter, I've got a box of BPAL perfume bottles and imps from roughly 2010-2013 that I haven't worn and obviously am not going to. It's mostly limited editions, including a Chaos Theory or two, and a few general catalogs. Some of them are from decant circles, and those tend to be partial bottles and imps. [ETA: I forgot to add that a couple of them are from the Shunga collection and thus the titles and/or bottle art on those are NC-17. If you plan on handing them off to someone else, be warned.]

ONE PERSON IS GETTING THIS BOX because I don't want to deal with mailing a bunch of different boxes out. If that person wants to mail it out to others, you go right ahead. Also if you decide to sell them and get a lot of money, you can kick a few bucks back my way, but that's not a requirement. :D

Anyway! If you want a mystery box of BPAL drop a comment here (LJ or DW) and I will pick ONE LUCKY WINNER at random to receive this smelly bounty!

(I'll pick the winner on Monday, to give the people who don't check LJ/DW on the weekend a chance to throw their names in the pot.)
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The BPAL Halloweenies just came out...and there are SEVEN that sound interesting to me, which, since they're $23 each, means $161 before shipping. Ouch.

I guess I'm going to be lurking over at the evil_enablers LJ comm to see who puts up decant circle links, because, while I'm tempted to run another one myself, it's really nice not to go through all that work and hassle.

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Have discovered another BPAL perfume that gives me nasal allergies, Water Snake (limited edition).
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Of all the ridiculous things! From the Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, regarding their Paypal account being locked up:
Paypal has currently locked our account due to the name of the single note Iranian Galbanum. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Once Paypal is working again, please do not use the name Iranian Galbanum. If you wish to order it, just order Galbanum or Single Note Galbanum.
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Right! So, who's going to Anime Expo? BPAL will be there with 4 exclusive scents all of which sound awesome to me.
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...any of you planning on attending Bats Day on the 19th? I am attempting to resist but some of the Bats Day scents are just tooooo tempting!

P.S. Have been listening to the audiobook of True Grit and enjoying it. (a) it was apparent within the first chapter that everybody in this book was going to do what that girl wants whether they intended to or not, and (b) her speech patterns have been creeping into mine. Am almost finished but not quite; don't spoil it for me yet. :)

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