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There are several people on my LJ friendslist who either have books just out, or soon to be coming out, or are currently pimping their books for one reaosn or another, so here's my Book Pimp Post.

[ profile] rachelmanija has her memoir All the Fishes Come Home to Roost: An American Misfit in India coming out in early October.

[ profile] lilrivkah has her graphic novel Steady Beat coming out from Tokyopop soon.

[ profile] bitpig has his how-to book Draw Manga: How to Draw Manga in your Own Unique Style coming out sometime soon.

[ profile] sclerotic_rings has announced that preorders are being taken for his essay collections Greasing the Pan: The "Best" of Paul T. Riddell and The Savage Pen of Onan: The "Best" of the "Hell's Half-Acre Herald.

[ profile] edbrisson is pimping New Reliable Press's You Ain't No Dancer anthology.

[ profile] eegatland is pimping The Winter Prince, which was almost remaindered.

If any of you others have anything of a literary-type nature, let me know! :D

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