Jun. 9th, 2015 12:30 pm
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Mmmm, lunch. Yummy lunch.

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Toby took much the same thing yesterday for lunch, with a small thing of goat cheese instead of the red bean salad, and I have pretty much the same response as him to the sandwich: the hummus totally made it.
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Fake sushi!

Tortillas spread with cream cheese to glue them together after rolling, with ham, shredded carrots, slivered green onion, and baby spinach. Verdict: Good but bland: next time I'll put some dijon mustard in there to give it a kick.

Not pictured: the leftover mac n cheese that accompanied it. :)
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So Toby and I have a bunch of Mason jars left over from the wedding. When I ran across the concept of salad in a jar on some blog I was linked to, it was a natural.

It's a way to make a hearty salad in advance and store it in the fridge for up to 5 days. You layer the ingredients in a Mason jar with the lettuce on top (to make sure it doesn't touch the dressing), and there ya go. We made 3 each this weekend, and had them for lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and dinner today (we both felt like going out at lunch), and we just made two more each for Thursday and Friday.

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Due to a miscalculation on my end when I was ordering books -- I got a lot of Amazon gift cards this year and indulged in an orgy of book-ordering at the end of last week -- I managed to get two copies of The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go instead of the one I'd intended.

Sold! While I could send it back to Amazon, I could also send it on to one of you - it cost $13.15 and I'd be happy to sell it on to someone else who'd like it (I'll cover postage - I'd have to cover postage to send it back to Amazon anyway).

I looked through it last night, and it seems quite useful. It's about 2/3 Japanese-inspired recipes and 1/3 Western-style. The author lives in Switzerland, and so does not use a lot of ingredients that can't be got at anything but large Asian stores. The recipes are mostly 1 serving in size, as suitable for a single bento. It was developed out of the Just Bento blog so you can poke around there and see if her style sounds appealing.

It is not a cutesy or kid-oriented bento book. You can make the recipes for kids, but if you want to put little faces on the food, you'll have to find another guide. :)
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...the rearrangement of the living room mentioned in the previous post sparked a bunch of picking-up and clearing-out elsewhere in the house, too. I ended up paring my bento stuff down AGAIN to just the stuff I'm using now, and I've got a bunch of it to get rid of, once I can muster the energy to take photos of it and post it here. :) I went ahead and arranged it into little lots, to make it much much easier to list.

But still, no way do I have the energy to do that right now. :/

(Am also wondering if an auction format might be the better way to do it? Hm.)


Jun. 15th, 2010 01:14 pm
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So I got a new bento book this weekend, and it had an interesting idea. (Actually, I'm not sure if the idea came from that book or one of the others I pulled out when I was making my shopping list.)

The idea was sandwich sushi - a sandwich made to look like a sushi roll. I've made wraps before, and this is using regular bread smushed flat as the wrap instead of a tortilla-type thing. I've even made them before using regular bread smushed flat, but they always were messy and unwrapped themselves.

The one brilliant idea the book supplied that I'd enver thought of was to cut all the ingredients into thin strips, as you do with sushi roll ingredients, before wrapping. XD

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Bento & Co now has an English version of their shop. DAMMIT WHY DO THEIR DESIGNS HAVE TO BE SO NICE. I mean, look at this. LOOK AT THIS. WAAAAAAAAAANT.
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So ... would there be any interest if I made a few of these Buttercup Bags out of kimono scraps* and sold them on Etsy? Because I mmmmay have just bought a license to do so.**

* The scraps I can source aren't quite the size of a fat quarter, because kimono pieces are 14" wide, so I'd probably have to make the front and back different colors (or different fabrics), or piece them together in patchwork. And I'd probably make a couple out of regular fat quarters first, just to get the hang of it.

** It's ten bucks. And if I don't get around to either making or selling, I don't begrudge supporting the creator. :) You can find a bunch of different versions of it on Google Images. ***

*** And it all started because I was looking for ideas for patterns for bento bags, since my favorite one shrank in the wash and I have several boxes that are too big for normal bento bags, not to mention the days I just use plain old Gladware. I discovered this WHOLE NEW WORLD of handmade bags ... and much like kanzashi, while I don't actually use fancy bags, I now have a major desire to make them.

So cute!

Jan. 25th, 2010 01:21 pm
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Today's lunch included a tiny kishu mandarin.

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If you are in that very small group of people who fit at the intersection of "vaguely interested in bento," "does not own a bento box" and "lives near a Container Store," then you may be interested to know that they currently have bento boxes. Oh, they don't say they're bento boxes, but they've got a removable, adjustable divider, the right type of lid, and Japanese on the bottom explaining the temps to which it can go. And they LOOK exactly like bento boxes you can buy from Japan and various online sites, without the decorative embellishments like strange English and franchised characters. So, y'know, look like a duck, walk like a duck, quack like a duck...

They also have side containers and funky lunchboxes if you're interested.

If you want to start with a cheap one, get the non-clamp lid one. The smaller one is 610mL, enough to pack a decently-sized lunch for most non-athletic women if you're following traditional bento box guidelines and packing it tight with nutritionally and calorically dense foods like rice (roughly, 1mL = 1 calorie). The bigger box is better if you're an athletic woman, an average man, or just pack stuff a bit less tight.

I, uh, may own a few more bento boxes now. And this.

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