Apr. 4th, 2008 10:44 pm
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OK, so this is a harebrained idea that I probably won't do anything about, really, but I'm in OH GOD I'M ON A PLANE FOR A WHOLE 2.5 HOURS AND HAVE ONLY BOUGHT 7 HOURS WORTH OF TV FROM ITUNES* HOW AM I GOING TO ENTERTAIN MYSELF? mode. As I'll have my laptop and paper and pen with me, but can't really do art, maybe I'll write. OK, probably not, but maybe. So if you have any prompts you feel like throwing at me, do so. :) I'll have a list of them JUST IN CASE I get the urge. Fanfic, orig fic, whatever.

OW my head still hurts. I have to wait for an artichoke to finish steaming because I won't have time tomorrow to cook and eat it and I fly Sunday morning to the conference, but once it's eaten, I am so in bed.

* SciFi Channel, I bloody wanted to give you money. I looked for Battlestar Galactica on iTunes to purchase and watch the opening miniseries on my iPod. But did you supply me with purchasable content? No! You ahve some sort of deal with Amazon Unbox. Oh, sure, I can purchase BSG and download it to my TiVo and watch it, but I am going ON AN AIRPLANE. And if I have a Zune or other form of video player, sure I can watch it there, but I do not. I have an iPod. And I am not about to purchase another portable video player merely to watch shows produced by your network. So therefore I have, er, acquired the miniseries**. And if I find that I really like this show, I will probably just borrow Himself's box set and watch it that way, as I cannot watch it on my preferred player, in my preferred way.

** Yes, you can take this to mean the comm rejected me. XD Which is OK: any world in which I can't post Telophase's Out Of Context Theatre publicly is a world not worth living in. And I've forgotten why on earth I requested membership there in the first place. Hrm.
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Waugh! I just purchased a point-and-shoot compact digital camera. I'm not giving up my spiffy nice big camera, no way, but I wanted something in addition to it: the spiffy nice big camera is good for when I'm Making Art, but not so good when what I want is something I can throw in my bag and pull out to grab a funny picture,* or take to cons to shoot cosplayers and not worry about it being broken or stolen. So one shall be arriving in my hot little hands before too long.

And in other news, the free phone I got with signing another contract with AT&T*** was delivered by FedEx yesterday, and as per usual Fed Ex protocol, left outside the door of my apartment because the driver was too lazy to take it to the apartment office. The only thing I'll miss about moving from here is the UPS drivers on this route, who have all been pleasant, more than competent, and gone out of their way to get their job done. FedEx, OTOH, is the one that left a REPLACEMENT CREDIT CARD that needed to be signed for outside my door without even knocking. I know, because I was home, waiting for the card.

The new phone is a pink Razr. I take it they're apparently trendy, but I am so far out of that loop I'm not sure. I picked the free phone on the list of free phones offered me that claimed the longest talk time. I am very happy with the flip-phone design and how it's wider than my old Sony Ericsson, because it hurt my hand to hold the other phone for very long, I never got over the feeling that I needed to turn my head to the side to talk into the phone, and the face got all scratched up in my bag. The Razr doesn't feel particularly sturdy, but as it was free, it's worth every penny I paid for it.

I'm not sure what the ringtone sounds like, because nobody's called me yet. This is not an invitation to call me at work. :) Hopefully it won't go to voicemail quite so fast as the other one did. XD

* At the medical center I go to for the ADHD stuff,** a bunch of parking spaces are set aside for the staff of various clinics, labeled with the name of the clinic and the word "staff". I have for months been trying to remember to bring a camera so I can capture the set of parking spaces reserved for RIBALD STAFF.

** Which has a bunch of oncology clinics in it, too, and is built in the Mid-Century Awful architectural style, illuminated with flickering florescent lights, and carpeted with dismal industrial carpeting. It's exactly where you don't want to go when you get sick. Most of the individual clinics have their waiting rooms decorated and lit much better, but the trek from the center door to the clinic door is harrowing.

*** I have had zero problems with them, use the smallest package of minutes, and thanks to my employer, get an additional discount. It's the cheapest option out there for me, short of going pre-paid.
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[ profile] nightambre's staing teh night here before I drive her to the airport tomorrow, and she's rocketing through my Fullmetal Alchemist manga. It's quite amusing, because she keeps hitting various points:

"AAAGH! [spoiler] with the [spoiler] and the [spoiler]!"

"WAHAHAHAHAHA Major Armstrong!"

"Oh no! [spoiler]! Aggggh!"

Oh, hey, any of you newcomers here from A-Kon - welcome! Stick around! Or not! Whee!

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