Apr. 20th, 2009 02:59 pm
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This is Why You're Fat. A collection of deep-fried, cheese-smothered delicacies. My arteries are exploding just looking at it.

Also, I will never get used to authors of books I mention showing up in my LJ to talk about something, although there's enough published authors on my f-list that I ought to be. :D This week, Thersa Matsuura, author of A Robe of Feathers, and Cam Banks, author of The Sellsword, popped by for a visit. While I am attempting to decide what I'm replying to both of them* I thought I'd mention for those of you interested in the subject that Banks explains how the black Vanderjack ended up as a white man on the cover of The Sellsword.

* Because I am incapable of replying without going "You! You showed up! Here! In my LJ! Eeeeeeeeeee!" to pretty much any author, so I need to let it rest a bit so I don't talk like an idiot to them. XD

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