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(because I just updated the generator with a few more media and a new sentence structure)
It includes tacos and alchemy. )
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Feeling vaguely arty, so I'm going through the art prompts generator to see if I can get inspiration. I'm not doing this prompt, but it would certainly be quite a challenge. How would you handle it?
Create a portrait of a girl disguised as a boy without using any characteristic normally associated with that sort of person.

P.S. Dinner was Tuna Helper. I realized that I was at the point that if I didn't eat fairly quickly, I was going to get the migraine back, and it was the fastest option. :) I wanted the artichoke, but it would have been 45 minutes minimum until I ate, and I couldn't take that risk. It'll be there tomorrow.
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From the Art Prompt Generator:

Riff off of the theme of pretending it's not broken, while incorporating kissing and dripping wet hair.

[Poll #1009007]
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Show a priestess, and a corset. The piece should not contain any sort of a mechanical host body.
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Yes! It's ...... the Random Art Prompt Generator!

Featuring a choice of simple (one word or phrase) prompts or elaborate (two or more elements)!

And if you do anything inspired by this, please show me! (if anyone actually does anything with it, I might create an online gallery for it. :D)

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