telophase: (Princess Tutu - OMG TEH DRAMA!) that's about all I'm up for right now. Quality only OK, as again I ran these through a batch image processor instead of doing them individually. A couple here and there I adjusted manually when the thing I wanted you to look at was completely hidden in darkness, but most I left alone.

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-- Am coming down with con crud. Naturally. Seems to be a cold or something of that ilk, although my mother would claim it's allergies, because she claims everything is allergies, even when it's obviously a cold, with cold-like duration and symptoms.

-- Was fun. But not profitable. Made back my expenses, nothin' more.

-- I was on the upper floor of the artist alley and at first wasn't happy about that, going off reports from last year that it was extremely slow. But that turned out not to be the case, as last year, only gaming was nearby, and this year most of the panels were on the same floor, so most of the congoers came through. Yay. Although nobody was buying much this year. :/

-- Making all the keychains, even the big rectangular ones, $3 was a good idea.

-- I need to get a setup to get my table to go vertical. The big setup behind me kept distracting people walking by, so they weren't looking down and seeing my table. I'd prefer something behind me, so that when people pointed at a picture I could actually see it. Weight is also a consideration: theoretically this would need to be carried and shipped elsewhere for other artist alleys - the wire baskety things that others were using are cheap and effective but, I also know, heavy (plus not too good at creating a setup *behind*). Must think on this.

-- Signed up (and paid for) three other cons in the state in the coming year, plus heard good things about the Tulsa con's attendance - plus, the art show directors of that came by and told me about their plan for a competition next year to name a Con Artist (yeah, yeah, I see the pun) who would get 3 tables in the artist alley plus free hotel room. MUST ENTER.

-- I need to buy sooper-speshul-nice paper for the Art Show pieces, so I no longer feel guilty about pieces in the art show going for higher than I'm selling them at the table.

-- Gin and Rukia keychains outsold the others. Chibi L would probably have outsold all of them, but I ran out of him. Need to order more keychain blanks. Was asked for Matt and Misa from Death Note several times.

-- Will post cosplay pics soon.
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And now for a little light music ... dee do do de da do da doo dee do do da dee
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Last night authetically baked shunsui got on elevator with a friend who was holding four bottles of tequila.
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Mortally offended saiyuki voice actor greg ayers auctioned off a funimation ouran host club jacket for five hundred dollars
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Soi Sandwich Commission Girl wants to gender-bend the Sanzo-ikkou as belly-dancers.
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"do you still have that Rukia with the bunny on her ass?"
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The table across from me gave me birthday cake.
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Need to do a Matt - he's been asked for several times.

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