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Toby and I are watching FMA right now--I wanted to rewatch it before starting on Brotherhood, and convinced Toby he would like it.

I'd forgotten how compelling it is, where each episode ends on a cliffhanger or a question that makes you want to watch the next one to get closure, but which then asks another one to get you to watch another and then you surface at 3 AM having watched 23 straight episodes and totally strung out from the emotional ups and downs.

We've been good at only watching 1 or 2 episodes a night--once watching 3--but it means the cliffhangers are driving Toby nuts. XD He also didn't realize how emotionally wrenching it was going to be, and the other day after a particularly angsty episode, suggested that we watch a more lighthearted anime to recover, like Evangelion.

If you feel like discussing FMA, we're in the middle of the Greed mini-arc. Any spoilers beyond this, please rot13.
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A comment I left in [personal profile] rachelmanija's recent post on portal fantasy, in response to one wondering if portal fantasy is coming out of Japan these days:
A quick trawl through the most recent four seasons of anime on Crunchyroll shows nothing I'd immediately recognize as classic portal fantasy. There are three shows that involve going through a portal into an another world, but that world is a video game (Digimon Xros Wars [an iteration of a long-running property], Hunter x Hunter [ditto], Sword Art Online).

There's one or two which are more time-travel than true portal, although the time may not be quite real history.

There are TWO, count 'em TWO anime in which historical Japanese Great Men [tm] are somehow highschool girls. THEY HAVE WRITTEN THEIR OWN AU FANFIC OF HISTORY. Never change, Japan.

It's almost an anticlimax to see the one about an elementary school boy who looks like an adult paired up with a highschool girl who looks like an elementary student or the one where a teacher starts work and discovers his students are all anthropomorphized assault rifles.

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Well, when I said yesterday that I didn't have a migraine I was a little premature. :) A headache started coming, and ibuprofen did nothing for it, so I went to the promethazine, which knocked it out. But still way better than my previous state, in which 10 minutes of work in the heat outside meant an all-day migraine.

And in other news, I've been making Toby watch Trigun as we bike. :) We don't have the TV in back set up with a Netflix-streaming-capable device at the moment, so we've improvised with an iPad set up on a music stand. It works so far.

We're 5 episodes in, and I am feeling incredibly nostalgic as Trigun was the first anime I ever downloaded. :D


Feb. 12th, 2011 01:17 pm
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From their latest announcement:
Mechademia 5: Fanthropologies

Frenchy Lunning, editor

From fan-subs to cosplay, exploring the fan cultures inspired by anime and manga

Passionate fans of anime and manga, known in Japan as otaku and active around the world, play a significant role in the creation and interpretation of this pervasive popular culture. Routinely appropriating and remixing favorite characters, narratives, imagery, and settings, otaku take control of the anime characters they consume.

Fanthropologies-the fifth volume in the Mechademia series, an annual forum devoted to Japanese anime and manga-focuses on fans, fan activities, and the otaku phenomenon. The zones of activity discussed in these essays range from fan-subs (fan-subtitled versions of anime and manga) and copyright issues to gender and nationality in fandom, dolls, and other forms of consumption that fandom offers. Individual pieces include a remarkable photo essay on the emerging art of cosplay photography; an original manga about an obsessive doll-fan; and a tour of Akihabara, Tokyo's discount electronics shopping district, by a scholar disguised as a fuzzy animal.

Contributors: Madeline Ashby; Jodie Beck, McGill U; Christopher Bolton, Williams College; Naitō Chizuko, Otsuma U; Ian Condry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Martha Cornog; Kathryn Dunlap, U of Central Florida; Ōtsuka Eiji, Kobe Design U; Gerald Figal, Vanderbilt U; Patrick W. Galbraith, U of Tokyo; Marc Hairston, U of Texas at Dallas; Marilyn Ivy, Columbia U; Koichi Iwabuchi, Waseda U; Paul Jackson; Amamiya Karin; Fan-Yi Lam; Thomas Lamarre, McGill U; Paul M. Malone, U of Waterloo; Anne McKnight, U of Southern California; Livia Monnet, U of Montreal; Susan Napier, Tufts U; Kerin Ogg; Timothy Perper; Eron Rauch; Brian Ruh, Indiana U; Nathan Shockey, Columbia U; Marc Steinberg, Concordia U; Jin C. Tomshine, U of California, San Francisco; Carissa Wolf, North Dakota State U.


Sep. 13th, 2010 04:30 pm
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See, THIS is what I can now do with my new office!

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Leftover Chinese food, rice cooked in my little microwave steamer, and anime! I've got an hour for lunch, which is enough to grab two eps.

The anime is Rental Magica season 1, lent to me by [ profile] youshou. Cut for rambling on the anime. And missing eyes! )


Aug. 14th, 2010 11:08 pm
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I need suggestions for hairstyles that an anime girl with long yellow hair would wear that would absolutely scream GENKI, and yet would not scream Sailor Moon. Like, unfortunately, this one does:

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If I told you why, I'd have to kill you. Well, not really, but it's something being worked on with others for something else that isn't yet ready for prime time. And won't be as exciting as this sounds when it *is* ready for prime time. :) But I'll let you know.
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So I'm working on this Seekrit Project under filter (don't get too excited, it's mostly to prevent it from going public and, hopefully, viral until I'm finished with it). It has to do with anime/manga/ etc, and man, do I love that I have to make a note of what to do in the edge case that a character is missing not just an eye or limb, but their entire body. Oh, anime. Never change.
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Hey! Remember the post in which I used subject lines from spam e-mail as episode titles and the rest of you gladly helped me come up with episode descriptions? Well, as I've had a perfect storm of interesting spam subject lines lately (many truncated quotes, I believe), here's another round!

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...people have been generating some awesome episode descriptions for an anime based on the titles of spam messages I found in my spam folder. If you haven't seen them since I posted them, go look!

If there's interest, I'll post another set of titles, too. Perhaps a shoujo series this time...?
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Elsewhere, I had a small discussion with someone about a spam link that read "Generics without prescription from licensed online pharmacy! Gabapentin!", wherein I observed that it sounded like an episode title from an anime series.

Which has just inspired me to comb through my spam file on my other email account for titles.

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