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So we did some long-overdue yardwork in the back yard this morning, mostly hacking and slashing the overgrown hedge next to the house, and discovered a few mysteries, two of which I assume are related to each other.

Mystery #1:
There are volunteer strawberries growing in our yard. We didn't plant them, they're just growing wild, and in random spots.

Mystery #2:
There is, shall we say, rather pungent evidence that a dog has been in our back yard. Which we keep shut up tight.

Mystery #3:
Now that the big willow tree in our back yard died thanks to 2 years of drought, the evergreen off to the side has shot up and has produced fruit or seed pods or SOMETHING that we've never seen before.

Photos and my interpretation of two of the mysteries below the cut.

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I want to read more poetry. Recommendations for anthologies available on Kindle/other ebook? (sticking with ebooks because we are running out of shelf space in the house.)
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Today's question of the day, broguht to you by my idly musing on Skyrim and the true lycanthropic nature of the inner circle of the Companions, is: so how do you do battlefield medicine on someone who has a tendency to fursplode under stress?

okay in Skyrim they can only fursplode once a day unless they have a certain magical McGuffin, so you just wait until they turn human-shaped again and hope they don't die in the meantime, but the question still stands for subsequent days
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So. Big, floppy hats for hiding from the sun, which will shade my face and the back of my neck. Note that I live in a hot climate, will be vacationing in a hot climate in the near future, and sweat a lot in the sun, so hats that show sweat stains are out.


San Diego Hat Company hat:

Vince Camuto hat:

I like this Hat Attack hat, but do not like the $90 price:

Lane Bryant hat:

This Coolibar hat claims it's packable, which is good:

I like the idea of being able to tie a scarf around it, thought I'm not sure I like this hat:

But this one's kinda nice:

Any other suggestions?
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Can you help me? If you have IE, could you go to this page and let me know if a list of links to questions/answers shows up under the heading "Library Access FAQs"? If they do NOT show up, please let me know your OS, and IE version?

It should look something like this: Read more... )Reason why I"m asking: I have a report that when the dean was giving a presentation, she pulled up this page (on IE) and the questions didn't show up. I'm trying to track down if it was the version of IE or what.
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Which category of the food pyramid/plate/whatever it was that was active when you were at school were you taught that eggs were in?

You see, I've run into at least two people in my live--married one of them, in fact--whose schools claimed that eggs were dairy, for whatever reason I don't know, and I want to know how widespread that idea is.

edit: I have asked this before. Thanks, [ profile] trobadora!
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I have finished my annual hate-read of Mercedes' Lackey's latest Herald book[1], and as I'm feeling run down and sick, I want more of the same vague sort of thing. Does anyone have suggestions for unchallenging fluffy pop fantasy in much the same vein? That is available on the Kindle?

1 She's not complaining. I actually paid for the damn thing.

My current complaint about the series...(spoilers within)Read more... )
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If I were to make picture with one of these poses, what could I do to genre it up?

(Note that just "steampunk!" or the like isn't helpful, as I can think of genre names on my own. I just have no inspiration. I may not even use this pose, but she's got an interesting silhouette and light patterns.)
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I have a bug! I can't replicate it! I need help in tracking it down!

Can those of you with Windows and IE...Read more... )
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Years and years ago I downloaded a version of "In Taberna" from the Carmina Burana that I loved. I lost the mp3 a while back (it'll be on some backup disk somewhere...indexing? what's that?), and between not having it on my iPhone to listen to and wanting to actually give money to the artists if possible, I'd really like to track it down.

Difficulty: Russian or something similar. (and not the Russian metal bands that cover it.) This is the version I'm looking for and I'm mostly sure that that is the actual cover of the CD it comes from, but as I don't read the language it's written in, I'm not sure.

edit: Found! (on LJ) The group is Djembe.

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