Jun. 5th, 2013 12:10 pm
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I'm currently rereading Water Sleeps, the 8th book of Glen Cook's Black Company series. I'm now into the books that I've read only once previously, so instead of noticing the landscape, as I did more on the books I'd read multiple times previously, I'm now actually managing to get the plot. (I read fast and can't slow down easily, and tend to get the gist of things on first reading, more detail on the second, and then various other bits of things on subsequent rereadings.)

And I wanted to talk about the dinner we had at SER (image the E has a line over it) on Saturday night. This is the oofy restaurant on the top of the Anaotle, the hotel that A-Kon was held at. cut for food porn )
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--Lots of people

--Ugly hotel carpet

--Parking scammers

--Lots of people

--Your mother lets you wear that?

--Surprisingly edible food


ETA: Also, I spotted what was either an all-femme or a gender-bent Avengers cast. (Did not spot the Black Widow) Took photos--I was on the mezzanine looking down at the lobby floor--and will post later.


Jun. 1st, 2013 01:27 pm
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I will have you know...that I pretty much rarely take photos of cosplayers, because I can just go online and find all sorts of better pictures of the costumes than I could take. But I did make an exception for this one.

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Article in the Dallas Observer about A-Kon: Focuses more on the music scene there, as that is the reporter's beat, I gather.

I will also note that it was gossiped reported to us that at one point during the rave, pardon me, "dance," as we don't have a rave here because raves have drugs and of course we don't, that either hotel security or the cops came to the door person at the rave dance, looking for a young black man in a black shirt and black pants with chains. The door person just stared at them for a moment, and then said "Have you seen inside?"*

* For those of you not quite understanding, that describes a significant chunk of the con's attendance. It's like another alert that went out over the airwaves looking for a young white woman wearing a long blue wig and carrying a yellow plushie.


Jun. 4th, 2012 12:52 pm
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Hooome. Tired. Needy cats. Sora took a while to believe that we were actually who we claimed to be. I found him huddled on a piece of cat furniture in the spare bedroom, tucking himself as far as he could into a corner. I let him sniff my hand thoroughly, after which he rubbed his head against it, hard. He's now gained enough confidence to creep out and cautiously sniff everything we brought back, although he's still a bit more jumpy than usual.

He was obviously aware that it *might* be us coming in -- if he hadn't thought it was us, he'd have been hidden under the bed, against the wall, in the exact center.

Nefer was waiting at the door for us, and after a thorough sniff, flopped down and demanded belly rubs.
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So Zack, a friend of ours and fellow P.R. Team member, tells us this:
I'm trying to close the door to this panel room because the panel's starting. And there's this bro standing there talking to the girls guarding the door, he's wearing a white wifebeater and is obviously proud of his muscles. He's saying to the girls "I'm only here talking to you because your eyes are so beautiful." I try to close the door, and tell the girls "Sorry, we need to get the panel started." The guy says "Say, brah, would it help if I went up on stage and did this?" and posed with both arms flexed. I said "Not really" and closed the door.

Later, I came down the hall to the press office and there he was, talking to the girl assigned to guard the elevators on our floor. He told her that he was there because her eyes were so beautiful, and then flexed and said "Does this help?" She said, deadpan, "Not at all."
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Dear hotel:

Please note that the correct order of doing things is not (1) making an announcement that hotel staff is investigating an alarm and will get back to us, (2) then turning the alarm sirens and light on, (3) then making the announcement to tell us that the alarm has been determined to be false.

No love,

At the Con

Jun. 1st, 2012 01:20 pm
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Apparently last night there were people shooting airsoft guns at sprinkler heads in the hotel. And the con hadn't even started yet. WHAT NEXT?!
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If you attend or have attended A-Kon in the past, there's a survey they want you to take.

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