Dec. 20th, 2005 04:26 pm
telophase: (goku chibi)
Waiting on tenterhooks. I've got three things arriving from BPAL this week, am eagerly awaiting my fandom holiday card,* and am waiting for the recipient of the one I sent to post to this post on [ profile] fandomcards so I can see if they like it.**

And I got a chunk o'change from the grandparents for Christmas, and a level-headed, sensible, adult would use it to pay bills or put towrds the credit card or something, but ... there's a Nikon digital SLR camera body calling my name... I just need the body, since I own two Nikon lenses for my 35mm camera, and while I lust for the 8 and 10 megapixel ones, in all honesty there's no way I can justify $1K+ on a digital camera. But this would go a looooong way towards that particular camera body...

* If whoever's sending it to me is reading this and hasn't sent it yet, my birthday is Dec 29th and that's JUST AS GOOD as Christmas. *significant look*

** Not that hard to figure out who sent it, however, for Reasons that will Become Clear Later. It went out by priority mail Thursday night, so should have gottent ehre Saturday or Monday, although I know things slow down at Christmastime.

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