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telophase: (Cats - Sora and Nefer)

welcome to camp telophase

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Created on 2009-04-19 16:53:25 (#99252), last updated 2017-04-25 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:Dec 29
Location:Texas, United States of America
I use Amazon affiliate links when I talk about books and other things you can get there. If you click on the link and then buy something from Amazon, I'll get a few pennies in kickback. Thank you for doing so!

According to Googlism, telophase...

... is very short
... is a band based in orlando
... is complete
... is the final process
... is an expert at this kinda stuff
... is extended
... is the last
... is prolonged
... is handling arrangements
... is there for you


Well. I hadn't updated my profile in, literally, a decade, and apparently ported it directly over from LJ when I started my DW. So I've just deleted it and written this in its place. Current basic info: married, she/her, academic librarian in charge of web and electronic stuff at my place of work, collector of degrees in anthropology, museum studies and librarianship, con staffer, ebook cover designer and painter, inveterate cat picture poster. BE WARNED: you will also find links to disdainful giraffe calf pictures on this journal.


In case of dire emergency, my contact info and emergency contacts can be found by the Dreamwidth admins in a backdated private entry.

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