Aug. 28th, 2013 09:42 am
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So. This weekend, Toby picked up the ConDFW room party supply boxes from the staffer who had them and brought them home so we can take them down to Worldcon. They've been sitting in the hallway near the kitchen. continue the SAGA. It involves cats )
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Today we are making short ribs on the grill. That is not particularly relevant to Nefer's Big Adventure, except that it meant we were both outside for a while, after the cast iron smoker box filled with wood chips caught fire (wood chips from last time we grilled, which we forgot about changing out, oops). We filled it with salt to smother the flames, and then manhandled the small box to the pavers that the grill is parked on, flipped the lid open, and decided to watch it for a while to ensure that it wasn't going to blossom back into flames.

Toby went back inside to get something, and noticed Nefer standing near the door, interested, and said "Do you want to go outside?" Nefer indicated that yes, she would like to go outside. So he got the harness, and Nefer indicated that yes, she would like to go outside but that she would prefer not to wear the harness. As this was not an option, we gently wrestled her to the ground, her protesting, and fastened the harness on. Once we got the back door open, she more-or-less forgot about the harness and slunk out. And proceded to spend the next 20 minutes or so exploring the porch, the side of the back yard where the bird feeders are (the bushes right under the feeder got a really thorough sniff), and then led us--we switched off holding onto the leash--around the north half of the yard, beahind every bush she could, especially if it was prickly. She laid down on the stone tiles in front of the deck, on the deck, and on the concrete of the covered porch portion. And in the dirt once, although she didn't go so far as to indulge in a dust bath.

And that was Nefer's big adventure today. Sora is slightly jealous, and wanted to sniff her feet, but Nefer squawked at him, and he left off. I told him to sniff my shoes, as I'd been in the same places Nefer had been, but that wasn't an acceptable substitute.

Now, wasn't that story thrilling and exciting? It was the highlight of your day. I'm off to make cast-iron skillet cornbread now.
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One of Sora's nemeses is the white shag rug in my office. He won't set foot on it willingly unless it's for very good reason, such as a bunch of catnip placed on it just out of his reach, and he remains unhappy about having to do so. (He won't set foot on bathmats, either. I don't know what he's got against fluffy flooring.)

Today--I'm working from home as I got crap for sleep and will keel over at some point and nap to stave off a migraine--I'm standing in my office looking for my grey sweatshirt to pull on as it's cold in the house, and Sora jumps onto the table next to me. I pick him up and give him a quick snuggle, then acting on impulse place him down on the floor, directly in the center of the white shag rug.

This deactivates the cat. At least for a short time. Sora remained frozen, looking around for escape, only to be confronted with an endless sea of white shag surrounding him. (Note that the rug is 4' x 6' so that at the worst, Sora is separated from laminate flooring by only 3 feet, and his shortest route to the floor is about 18".)

Sora begins backing up slowly, holding his right paw off the floor as if the rug were lava, and reverses off the rug, into Nefer, who is not impressed with this and croaks at him (Nefer has quite a repertoire of squeaks and croaks), but his terror of the rug is stronger than his terror of Nefer so he continues backing into her until all four paws are off the rug. At which point Sora cowers, shoots me a look of HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS I TRUSTED YOU and slinks out of the room.

He has only just now come back into my office, and is skulking about the edge of the rug fearfully in case it leaps up and devours him.

(Next time, I'll get this on video!)

ETA: If you read the blow-by-blow in the comments over on LJ, you can see Sora overcoming his fear due to catnip. And here is is, voluntarily sitting on the rug!
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Apparently I meow in my sleep.

Last night I went to bed earlier than Toby did; he stayed up later playing video games. He reports that he had come to bed, turned the lights out, and was tossing and turning a bit when Nefer started up her usual I-want-attention routine. This consists of carrying around a battered Hamtaro plushie and yowling. She started in the living room and yowled her way into the bedroom, where she dropped Hamtaro.

Toby reports that I, as is my usual wont in these cases, meowed back at her. Only I have no memory of this. I remember going to bed and falling asleep listening to my current audiobook (English Society in the Eighteenth Century, via the Audible app which allows you to set it to play for a set period of time, whereupon it goes to sleep), and at some point during the night waking up and realizing the book had stopped, so I put my phone and the headphones (contained in a headband for night listening) on the nightstand. That's it.

So there you have it. I meow in my sleep.
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Avengers: Thor discovers a meme.

Avengers: Also, the Pixar Avengers. (Found on Reddit, which claims credit is "Pixar Avengers Posted by J.m. Walter to Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page.")

Cat: Now, you may or may not remember the Evil Bag of Evil story, which tells the tale of how Sora managed to terrify himself by getting stuck in a paper bag. I didn't get video of that, but someone else online has managed to film their cat getting stuck in a plastic bag, and the results are similar enough to what happened when Sora got stuck in the Evil Bag of Evil (featuring the manic visage of Uncle Julio!) that I'm linking it here. It's in animated .gif format.
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SORA: I am the Lone Cat Who Walks Alone!

[personal profile] telophase goes into bathroom

SORA: Where's Mama going? In there? The door! It's shutting! No! No! She might fall in! Mama! Mama! Let me in! You might need me! Let me in!!!

[personal profile] telophase opens door

[personal profile] telophase: Would you like to join me?

SORA: ...

SORA: ...

SORA: ...

SORA: I am the Lone Cat Who Walks Alone!


Jun. 16th, 2010 10:06 am
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So I'm working at my desk at home today. Nefer is on the table next to me, which butts up against a window which, because it is an old and wonky house, has the window screen on the inside (you open the windows by turning a crank, and the glass part outside then levers itself open).

cut for pic of the area, cat-free, and rest of story )
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I don't think I told any of you about the Evil Bag of Evil. I even posted the photo and asked y'all to remind me and nobody did! :P

Anyway. This is the Evil Bag of Evil...

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Cat stories

Feb. 3rd, 2009 10:42 am
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*dies laughing*

When I was a kid, we had two cats. Vermont brought home her first bird, not dead, which we rescued, and then afterwards praised the cat for being a mighty hunter.

The day after that, Dakota, the other cat, brought home a piece of fried chicken.
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Last night, mindful of the warning of possibly-freezing temperatures, I dragged my old down comforter out of the closet and put it on top of the bed. As it was actually rather warm, I had it thrown back and not on me. The cat normally sleeps on a kitty bed covered with a towel, with a microwaveable heating pad underneath during the winter. She jumped on the bed as she normally does, and started investigating this strange new thing, especially the cave formed by part of it being thrown back. Now, she normally hates things that make her feel confined - she doesn't like being picked up or hugged, and she hates it when I put things on top of her, so I was surprised that she crept into the cave formed by the comforter, and turned around a few times. I got up and walked to the other side of the bed to see what she was doing, and she'd managed to creep all the way in, turn around, and poke her head out like a little furry burrito. :) Purred like mad, too. It was loud: a Force 5 purr.

And a short story about a previous cat my family had when I was growing up: this cat, Vermont, was fascinated by cows. We lived out in the country just outside of town, and the guy who owned the land just across the small dirt road from our land ran cattle on it part of the year. Occasionally Vermont would accompany one of us out to the end of the drive to get the mail, and would sit and watch the cows for a while. That wasn't the only thing, though. She never showed any interest in the TV, except once. I was watching a video of Top Secret, the Val Kilmer comedy. During the section where two German officers disguise themselves as a cow, represented by a cow wearing rubber boots walking across a field, Vermont alerted and fixed her gaze on the screen. When the scene cut away, she lost interest. When it cut back to the cow, she fixed her attention on it again. :) She only had one eye, so I'm not sure she really knew how big cows were. Perspective was not her strong suit - she'd hide under the bed, hidden by the blanket where it touched the floor, and you'd walk by and see this little white paw poking out from under it, trying to scratch you as you walked by ... five or more feet away.

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