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2017-02-08 09:21 am

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Upright and at work for the first time in a week, although not particularly happy about it.

In celebration, have a cat.
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2017-02-05 07:23 pm


At the hagfish stage of the cold, in which we learn the answer to "how much
snot can one head hold?"

(Answer: all the snot. It can hold all the snot.)
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2017-02-03 06:20 pm

Things accomplished today

Despite having the Maryam Death Flu (I think it's just a cold, really), I...

Fixed t-shirt artwork for the con

Made header and logo graphics for the con app

Invoices someone for ebook cover stuff

Cleaned up my inbox except for a few things I need to do

And then I ate a brownie for breakfast because I am an adult and can do
these things. Toby is going to stagger out to Wendy's and get us lunch
while attempting not to touch anything the drive-through person is going to
touch (he's in the stir-crazy must-leave-the-house portion of the illness),
and my plan is to sit all afternoon reading trashy romance novels and maybe
stir myself to nuke dinner at some point.

The bright side is that the campus we work at has a diagnosed case of mumps
and it is not us that has the mumps. I feel for the victim, though.
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2017-02-03 02:30 am


Toby is teaching himself to knit so he'll have something to do with his
hands when he watches TV. He did a test square and then started in on a
simple scarf using just the knit stitch.

He made it 23 stitches wide because that's a prime number because Toby. And
in the past hour I have heard "Now I have 25. How did that happen?" and
"IT'S 27 NOW. WHAT THE FUCK?!" And apologized that my scarf a going to be a
pyramid shape.

We're also both sick with the flu or a cold--on Friday last we went to
dinner with friends. No idea who Patient Zero was, but pretty much everyone
at that table is now ill. Toby is in the midst and starting the upswing
while I'm starting the downswing into coughing.

And the other thing is that we got a Litter Robot for the cats. The old box
is still set up so they can spend some time getting used to the new thing.
Sora is either unhappy with it or staking a claim because he peed on the
step of the ramp that goes up to the entrance.
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2017-01-25 10:05 am

(no subject)

and because I go what seems like weeks without posting and then unleash a flurry of posts rather than putting them in one big Nico the ocelittle.
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2017-01-25 09:30 am


A while back I posted asking for suggestions on poetry to read and OF COURSE I ended up taking exactly none of those suggestions. What I ended up doing instead was intending to take the suggestions for weeks (months?) until last week I was listening to a podcast that funded itself with one of those internet deals where you sign up to something using their link and they get something kicked back to them.

So I'm now subscribed to Poetry magazine. Which I did because I realized their URL ( was the same URL I always ended up at and poking through when looking for title for artwork. The subscription gets me a paper copy and a digital version (I'd have preferred digital only, but that wasn't included in the deal and would have been ten dollars more).

All this is to say, here's two poems I found I liked quite well, much to my surprise, because I don't usually like poems that look like they're meant to be performed, for whatever reason.

Sea Holly by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett and Tony Lopez. What I really like is the 5th section, in which the visual arrangement and the meaning of the words combine to form a picture of a cross-section of the sea, from life above the surface drifting down through the shoals of fish to the ocean floor. There's probably more meanings to be teased out of the first four parts, but they mostly served to me as pattern and rhythm.

The other was Scheherazade which is, I think, sort of rough (the author is a college freshman, so it fits), but I like the tumbling tumult of words that come to an abrupt stop before the end, as thematically appropriate. :)

I can envision either of them performed aloud.
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2017-01-25 09:13 am

Cats and fights

I've uploaded two videos in the past couple of days:

Our morning routine, which is Nefer demanding I turn the shower on for her. She's quieter than usual in the video--normally she yells until I accede to her demands.

This next one is a video we pulled off the PS4 of Toby playing Fallout 4. If you didn't read my previous post (with the crappy video), he accidentally got into the biggest fight he'd ever been in in FO4, because it turns out that when you lay waste to the Institute, the game doesn't want you to leave and spawns dozens and dozens of synth troopers to fight you. Toby defeated them all armed only with a knife. (And a set of power armor. And some maxed-out Stealth and Blitz stats.) The PS4's framerate went to hell through trying to render all those troopers.

Highlights: The video starts midway through the first wave. Then skip to 4:32 for the beginning of the second wave. Then skip to 10 seconds before the end for the punchline of trying to close the elevator door on a giant pile of bodies.

Synth Trooper Scrum
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2017-01-24 02:43 pm

signal boost

[community profile] bujo for all your BulletJournaling needs (new comm).
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2017-01-23 05:19 pm

(no subject)

I posted about an annoying thing under f-lock, so to get myself feeling better, here's a couple of more positive things:

1) I went on a mad cleaning binge on December 31, and Jan 1 & 2 , and the house is still clean! It's helped that I scrounged and bought large baskets and other containers and put them into the rooms that collect clutter, and made them the Clutter Collection Bins: things that we'd normally just let sit around messing up the place, or things that need to stay out because one of us is returning to continue a project or whatnot go into the bins instead.

2) Toby continues to be hilarious at Fallout 4. Last night he took on dozens and dozens and DOZENS of synth troopers armed with only power armor and a knife. The PS4 almost died under the load of rendering all the bodies. I have a crappy phone video of two minutes of the fight, and we'll be pulling the 15 minutes that he managed to grab off the PS4 tonight and hopefully uploading it. How does this fight happen? Well, if you go into the Institute and lay waste to it, turns out the game really really doesn't want you to leave and so spawns wave after wave of synth troopers in an effort to try and stop you.
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2017-01-10 02:55 pm

(no subject)

omg I'm in line at the post office and the woman in front of me doesn't
remember her po box number and the only clerk on the window has spent TEN
MINUTES looking for it instead of calling someone else to help or telling
the woman to come back later. This is after she's given the woman a lecture
on how she should know her number because their info isn't always updated.
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2017-01-03 12:57 pm

I have cleaned ALL THE THINGS

Well, not "cleaned" so much as "defuckingcluttered" and not "all the things" so much as my office, the media room, and a couple of really sad corners in our master bedroom that had been piling up for a number of months.

For months I'd just been piling "things that go in my office" on the table in there, plus on the floor in front of it when the piles got so tall they were threatening the cats, and had been sick of it. December 31st, I decided that if I cleaned up all the places in the house that need cleaning, I could relax and read books without guilt until I had to go back to work on Jan 3rd.

Naturally, I then went into a 3-day-long decluttering binge and read absolutely zero books. At least the house looks the best it has since we moved in?

(I also need to declutter the hell out of my office closet and the master closet. But at least the visible parts of the house look pretty damn good.)
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2017-01-01 10:22 pm

So we went to see Assassin's Creed...

I was there for kicking ass and looking good but unfortunately there was way too much ass.

Seriously, who takes a look at the Assassin's Creed video game and decides to structure a movie around THE MOST BORING PART OF THE GAME? And if I said "Assassin's Creed movie" to you, wouldn't you expect it to open with a giant set piece involving tons of action? Instead, it's like 20 minutes of poorly-lit random crap happening that's never explained very well before you even get to any Assassin/Templar fight scenes.

I highly recommend watching Velayudham, the Bollywood Tamil ripoff of Assassin's Creed. It's 2.5 hours of violence alternating with slapstick comedy and WTFery in that way that only the Indian film industries can do.

Not to mention that it far outshines the Hollywood version in one VERY IMPORTANT ASPECT:


Assassin's Creed (2016)

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2016-12-24 10:11 pm

(no subject)

And for Christmas dinner my mother in law served up a spiral-cut ham, baked
beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, rolls, mini dill pickles and two kind of
mustard, along with wine, beer, milk, and water. There is a razzleberry pie
in the oven, and she may be sending my father in law out for the ice cream
they forgot to buy.

There are four of us.

(Razzleberry pie is a mixed berry pie, with raspberries, blackberries, and
something else.)
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2016-12-24 07:51 pm

(no subject)

So far my mother in law has offered us English muffins, cereal, granola
bars, coffee, crackers, cheese, cookies, fudge, candy and cocktail shrimp
and it's not even lunchtime yet.
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2016-12-22 06:15 pm


Standing in front of one of the campus buildings listening to a 200-strong
tuba* band play Christmas carols.

*And tuba-adjacent instruments.
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2016-12-17 10:12 pm


Blue norther coming in--in the 3 hours I've been running around for lunch
and shopping, the temp has gone down 30 degrees F. The high today was 71;
tomorrow it will be 32.