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Nan Desu Kon?

Is anyone here attending Nan Desu Kon in Denver on October 6-8 who could act as an agent for me for the art show? They don't accept mail-in art, so I'd have to appoint someone as my agent to drop the art off, hang it in the show, and pick it up.

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I'll be should just come! You could stay with me for free, yo! I live with my parents in a big empty house.

Anywho, lemme figure something out, and then I can verify if I can be your agent or not.

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:D Thanks! It mostly depends if I can swing the time off and the plane fare - if I go to the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey, that's the week right after Yaoi-Con, so I'd probably tack a few days personal time onto that for the con, and a friend in the area might be holding a weekend thing, too, so that's more days. And then Mom and I are probably be heading to France and Italy within a year, and that'll probably be a full three weeks (unless we do what we did once before, which is go over Christmas when I hsve a week off already, so it's only 2 weeks' leave for me).

So ... it all depends. :)

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This is the first time I've heard of Nan Desu Kon, and it just gave me the biggest chuckle. Hee!