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Home from Seattle. Woo.
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Wow, this comment box is weirdly narrow. (On edit, its normal-sized.)

Did I know you were going to Seattle? We're going there next month, to visit our daughter who is in grad school there.

What were your favorite things there?
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Welcome home!

(I survived Week Two's assignments! Anxiously awaiting the critiques, haha.)

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welcome back! i look forward to hearing about it when you've time to write about the trip!
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fabulous! i've been to that library -- it has a huge naturally-lit central well, and awesome artwork, and is all around a beautiful building. I'd also reccomend the island ferries if you want to see more of the area -- they can be caught from the pier near Pike Place Market. it's freezing cold on the water, though, even in June. I haven't been to the art museum or the aquarium -- they both sound amazing!

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i could wish places like that had "adult day." the Monterey Bay Aquarium experience was almost completely spoiled for me by the hoards of screaming children and stressed-out, inattentive adults... i won't be back. glad you got a less-kid-infused experience in Seattle! and crabsex, lol. ;)
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omg entitled people. ugh. especially when the public space is already *designed* to accomodate things like strollers, kids, etc.

that day at Monterey, when we escaped the aquarium we needed food -- so we found a restaurant that was up a flight of stairs, stroller-proof. it was blissfully quiet. :)