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If you'd seen a passing mention I made some weeks back that Toby had gotten into the Microsoft Build conference you might have known, but Toby's paranoia doesn't like me talking in public about us being away from the house for a week, so I didn't make a big deal about it. :)

My favorite thing was Top Pot Doughnuts' Bavarian cream doughnut. I also enjoyed just walking around the Pike Place Fish Market and nearby areas (not just fish, but crafts and other stuff).

Also, we enjoyed the Museum of Pop Culture way more than we expected to. :) I found out about the indie game exhibit there and Toby immediately wanted to go, so we did that Friday afternoon after he finished the sessions he wanted to attend at Build, and spent a couple of hours poking through the museum. By the time you get there, the Henson exhibit should be up--my only regret there is that Build wasn't two weeks alter so we could see it. :) I will say that my enjoyment of the museum was less looking at the artifacts and more looking at the innovative exhibit construction and displays (my museum studies degree coming out). :D

If you're going to visit/do at least 3 of the following, then it's worth buying the CityPass in advance, as at 3 visits you'll start saving money over the regular admission prices--all $25 or so each--AND you get to skip the regular line:

1 Space Needle
2 Seattle Aquarium
3 Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
4 Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) OR Woodland Park Zoo
5 Chihuly Garden and Glass OR Pacific Science Center

I highly recommend the Seattle Aquarium, MoPOP, and the Chihuly. The Space Needle is the Space Needle, and not even the tallest building in Seattle, but as it's right there next to the MoPOP and the Chihuly, you might as well go. (If you eat a meal up in the restaurant there, a visit to the observation deck is free, but otherwise it costs $25ish.)

If you've got Amazon Prime you should be able to get the latest Lonely Planet Seattle guidebook free (it's also on Kindle Unlimited), which came in handy.

I also went to the Seattle Art Museum. I have no idea what the regular admission is, because I accidentally bought a ticket to the special landscape painting exhibit, which included regular admission. I hadn't intended to visit that exhibit, but that's what the ticket person charged me for when I said "One adult, please" so I figured it was fate, and it turned out to be excellent. Alas, I cannot recommend it to you because it'll be gone when you get there.

One place that I'd intended to go but didn't because I got shin splints and took a day off to sit in the hotel room and alternate working on a writing project with looking out at that view I posted a few posts back, was the Seattle Public Library's Central branch, which is supposed to be innovatively designed (and is a Rem Koolhaas building, if you're an architecture geek--I used to work in an architecture library so some archy geekiness rubbed off on me). If you decide to go look around, report back!

You'll note that I stuck to downtown. I didn't want to figure out the public transportation system because buses inexplicably intimidate me, but there was plenty to see and do within a decent walking distance, even with my very slow pace.

ETA: We also caught Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the Cinerama, which was a block from our hotel. Nice theatre, and the mix of regular and chocolate popcorn was delicious.

ETA2: Oh! Best non-doughnut restaurant we ate at was Local 360.

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