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Took Nefer in to the animal radiology clinic for her preliminary appointment to see if she's a good candidate for radioactive iodine therapy. Spoiler: she is. So I booked her appointment to go in on January 25th and I get to be without my kitty for ALMOST FIVE WHOLE DAYS, and then we bring her back home and lock her up in the spare bedroom for two weeks, with each of us only permitted 20 minutes of contact with her per day while the radioactivity dies down.

And then she pooped in the carrier on the way home. :/

Anyway, she's currently locked in the spare bedroom to keep her from gorging herself on food as per their post-anesthesia protocol (they sedated her so they could take X-rays and whatnot). The carrier is in the tub until I gather the fortitude necessary to deal with it.
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Poor kitty, and poor Telophase! Sympathies on kitty and kitty-care.
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Poor Nefer! I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible for all of you.
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I'll have you lot, especially Nefer in my thoughts. It must be so scary D: We don't talk much now (actually I feel like I'm a bother) but I do still have a special place in my mind for your cats; especially Nefer being so close in age to Minn.

Here's a picture of Minnow:
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Poor girl. I hope it all goes well.