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Each year, Toby and I think about doing a somewhat-Harry Potter-inspired Christmas lights display, and every Christmas we just throw up our existing lights at the last minute and decide we'll do it next year instead. But I figure that if we work it out now and buy the lights (on sale, perhaps!), we'll have things ready to go next year.*

It's not going to be even recognizable unless you're an HP geek. We've got four small trees in the front yard and we're thinking of wrapping each one in a double spiral of lights corresponding to a Hogwarts House. And we figured out how to make a Golden Snitch out of lights (wicker ball for the base, wire for the wings, wrap with yellow/gold lights, hang in porch entryway) to cue people who are in the know what it might be.

The big problem is working out what to do for the House colors, namely the Hufflepuff yellow and black.

Gryffindor: red (crimson or scarlet) and gold. Simple to do.
Hufflepuff: yellow and black. Tough one to do the black in lights, visible at night. :/
Ravenclaw: blue and bronze (films: blue and silver)
Slytherin: green and silver

Ideas? Silver would be either a white or a light blue (and we'd probably do the movie Ravenclaw to make it easier to find the lights). Our best idea at the moment is finding a purple that's definitely distinct from blue.

* Mind you, there's every chance we'll actually be in Japan instead, and not bother with Christmas decorations at all, but you never know.
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I've never had trouble finding properly purple lights, but if you wanted to get fancy there are some tricolor LED strands that let you program your colors yourself. More expensive, but fun!