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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2013-02-10 11:32 am


Sharing a sunbeam.

The shadow is making Nefer look about twice the size that she really is!

At least they're not fighting, which they've been doing a lot lately.

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Awww. They look so content!

Ours have been fighty lately too, and IDK why.

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Later in the day they moved to the chair in my office. The peace lasted for an hour or so, and then I heard Nefer hissing at Sora, and she jumped off the chair and stalked away. I have no idea what prompted it.

Toby reports that they get more fighty when I get home. I think Mama's attention is a scarce resource that they fight over.

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That's likely. I am kind of glad Happy Cat was more my ex's, as it would've been bad if Grumpy Cat was deprived of her Favorite Person.