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Plot holes in WWII.

"The Vice President wasn't an important role so they apparently didn't bother casting a regular in it. If you pay attention you can see three different people playing Roosevelt's Vice President. "
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OMG, this is brilliant.

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Oh, this is awesome. I'm particularly fond of:

"The whole feminist "Rosie the Riveter" subplot was anachronistic and jarring. Come on, author, this was almost three quarters of a century ago, barely after women had even gotten the vote. Way to project modern values there. And that whole plucky women's baseball thing? My eyes about rolled out of my head."

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I think the one that got me was "It was pretty obvious towards the end that they were setting everything up so that they could do a World War III series with Britain and America fighting Russia. But I guess World War II didn't do well enough and they never made the sequel. "