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So, creative people...

...would you be willing to do work for me for FREE? Yeah, well, okay I know the real answer to that. :) However, I'm doing the ConDFW program book this year, and I'm going to be putting a page of SF/F/H-related classified ads into it. I've asked the guest relations director to forward a request to our panelists for contributions, but I'm also seeking donations elsewhere. I cannot offer anything but my undying gratitude and your name in the program book (and on the website, if you're willing to let me put it there, too) because the con is small and poor.

Anyway, if you're interested, read on!

It can be a reference to a specific story, movie, or whatever, or just something vaguely SF/F/H-related. And it can be a lonely hearts ad, or selling something, or missed connection, or job ad, whatever sort of ad you'd get in the classifieds.

An (perhaps not that good) example would be:

Lonely alien seeks host for close cuddling, possible LTR. Send holo of face to Box 535.

I'll list the contributors after the ads, in the order the ads appear, so they won't go uncredited, and if you can indicate whether we have permission to post them on the website after the con, that would be great.
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Print these two together

WANTED: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. PO Box 222, San Dimas CA, 93022. You will be paid when we get back. Must Bring own weapons, safety not guaranteed, I have only done this once before.

MISSED CONNECTION: Dave, I know you seriously looked at that time traveller ad. FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT DO IT!!!!-Dave

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Awesome, thank you! How would you like to be credited? And is it OK for me to put them on the con's website afterward?
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You're welcome, Jay Epps, and that would be fine :)

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Thank you! :D

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BEAT THE VOIGHT-KAMPFF TEST EVERY TIME. Proven results. Don't take chances with your future! Send mail to Box 1982.

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I'm fine with this and anything else I come up with being on the website.

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Thank you! How would you like to be credited?

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Did I send you this one:

Lance, please come home. Gwen and I miss you. ~ Art

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No, you hadn't! Thank you! OK to be credited by your name & to put on the website?

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