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Small pic of Toby looking disgruntled in the wind at the THIRD food truck park that's opened here.

And we will have a FOURTH food truck park opening soon. They're all in about a three-mile radius, too.

There appears to be a reason, however--Dallas food trucks are more mobile, while Fort Worth's stick to the parks a lot, and it's because of differing regulations in the two cities. Apparently in Fort Worth any business owner that agrees to let a food truck park on its property has to get a food service permit or some such, while in Dallas that onus is on the truck. (I also seem to recall that the FW business owners might have to get a permit for each individual truck that parks there, which would explain why our local coffee shop isn't having trucks there any more.) Anyway, so centralized locations that can take care of all the permit issues are easier in FW, while roving trucks are easier in Dallas.

We ate at the Schnitzel Shack today. I had a brat burger and Toby had the original schnitzel sandwich. They were tasty! Alas, the Gastrobomber truck wasn't open. I've wanted to try it, just because it's named GASTROBOMBER. Also alas, the new Indian truck, Simply Dosa, wasn't there (supposed to be there Friday).

This park is much closer to my job, so it'll be easier to get to during lunch.