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Here's a gift we're giving to Toby's parents. We were wandering through Bed Bath & Beyond and found a set of 4 coasters where you can slip in a photo. Toby's mom looooves pics of her boys, so we bought a set and put pictures of me, Toby, Toby's brother, and Toby's brother's girlfriend, acting as if someone were setting a drink down on our faces.

(Imgur link, if Imgur's down, the pic's down.)

Anyway, if I'd thought ahead and obtained a piece of plexiglass somewhere to smush our faces up against we could have made it look even more like someone was setting a drink down, but for an impulse gift, not too shabby.

We'll make sure to let her know she can replace the pics if she wants. I can hear her voice now, as she opens the coasters and looks at them, and sees Toby flipping her off, shrieking Toby's name. And them probably calling him an asshole, which she often does (it's a jest in their family).
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That's an awesome gift. :)
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This is hilarious. It's good to have relatives with actual senses of humor!
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Hee! Those are wonderful.

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LOL adorable. :)

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Thanks! XD

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I am laughing at the idea of getting some plexi and using it for authentic smush. Maybe you should pick up another set for home and work on this.

...Glass-topped coffee table would work too. Or a glass door...

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Yeah, I'm miffed that I didn't think of it in time to do something like that for Christmas, but I'll live.

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Love it!

We actually got some of these coasters from my daughter-in-law and family some years ago.

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I have no idea if she'll get any use out of them, as she's got doilies and other things lying everywhere that everyone puts their drink on. (Or if she'll replace Toby flipping the bird at her. XD)

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That is fantastic!

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Thanks! XD
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What a great idea! XD

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:D Thanks!