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Given the news that Hostess is going under my childhood is dying! *sniff*, I give you a link to a Homemade Ding Dong Cake. Yes, it makes a GIANT DING DONG. Yes I have made it. Yes I will make it again (hmmm, I did volunteer to bring dessert to Thanksgiving...if I make the chocolate whiteout cake variation nobody will know it's actually a giant Ding Dong. and I can cry silently into my cake after dinner)
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I know this is horrible of me, but my first thought upon hearing the news was that maybe Joe will let me have ONE LAST TWINKIE. (I have not had one in literally years because he disapproves of them so much. My stance has always been that one Twinkie a year will not kill you.)
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Emily Lucchetti has a phenomenally good recipe (better than that one, IMO) in one of her dessert cookbooks, which if you want I will locate...
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Looks like Drake's are still around, despite having been actually owned by evil Hostess for a while.

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And Tastykake, which I always thought had even worse products than Hostess.

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I don't think I have ever eaten a Little Debbie product. Might have been a regional thing back then. Or maybe we were also rich. :)
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My mom bought weird graham cracker sandwich cookie things called Scooter Pies and nobody else's mom bought them so I have no idea why the grocery store even stocked them.
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Jelly Krimpets are about the best of the Tastykakes.

A lot of people go (albeit covertly) for mini-doughnut products in all these lines, and so I believe the Death of the Donette is going to be felt most widely of all.

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Mini-doughnuts? Really? I thought those were nasty even as a kid.
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I want my precious Devil Dogs to be safe!