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Someone at Victoria's Secret is an anime nerd.

That's Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, if you're unfamiliar with her.

(Pointed out in the comments on Tom & Lorenzo's post on the VS fashion show. A lot more [tacky] lingerie at that link.)
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That's kind of adorable. =)
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That's hilarious.
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Wow, that's dead on. Other than the chromed boob window, I mean.
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Royalties please!

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(Wow, your format does not play well with non-square userpics.)
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*grin* I wonder if VS will come under the scrutiny of copyright infringement people.... I guess not, since they don't go after cosplayers.

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Probably not--it's a one-off costume for VS's televised fashion show (the bra is the only part of the outfit for sale), and I bet VS has better lawyers than Gainax. XD

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I have never considered before that under that reserved shell Rei had a spangly bra just waiting to make an appearance.

I do very much like the idea of more manga and anime nerds slipping their influence in to unexpected areas though. I even seem to have an appropriate icon for just such an occasion. :D

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It makes you wonder what other characters have under their clothing! Well, actually, no, it doesn't.

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IDK, but now I'm going to think of her the next time I see a sparkly bra.

...and I will confess Minekura telling us what all the boys wore underneath it all will always be a special memory.